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Juan Foote 09-03-13 07:38 AM

In the warmer months I struggle with yeast infections inside my liner like I am sure many of my fellow amputees do as well. I had pretty much been fighting the "after" battle. treating for the infection after I already had it with various OTC remedies. I think I have come on to something that I thought I might share. It could well be common knowledge and I am just now catching on. I have been using a dandruff shampoo on my residual and haven't had any manner of flare up since right after I started doing so. I also haven't noticed any ill effect to my skin or anything so I guess it isn't hurting anything.

esther-L 09-08-13 08:04 PM

When you wash your liner, do you use alcohol as one of the steps in cleaning?

Juan Foote 09-10-13 06:58 AM


Originally Posted by esther-L (Post 16045084)
When you wash your liner, do you use alcohol as one of the steps in cleaning?

I rarely use alcohol on my liner, but do use an anti-fungal/microbial spray on it, and mild bleach solution before a wash once a week or so.

esther-L 09-11-13 05:34 AM

I spray my liner with 90% alcohol and I use antibacterial soap with triclosan every time I wash it. It's a holdover from using Alpha liners - those did not get clean without spraying with alcohol. The 70% alcohol is harder to rinse off. I keep a spray bottle with 90% alcohol.

You can buy 100% alcohol, but it comes with an MSDS and instructions for safe storage - since I don't have tape heads to clean anymore, I don't use that option.

Juan Foote 09-11-13 07:35 AM


Originally Posted by esther-L (Post 16053534)
It's a holdover from using Alpha liners

Funny enough, I use Alpha Max liners. They are rather difficult to clean at times, but so far are the only ones I have found that make what I have found I like to use. I am actually using an ATK liner that is thicker on the front than the back and has a small umbrella for the pin. If you have a good suggestion to pass to my prosthesist I would be glad to hear it.

esther-L 09-11-13 08:31 PM

I used liner with pin suspension for 4 years, stopped around 2001. That prosthesis had Alpha liners - they were green and gray/silver in color. I have been an amputee for many years, and the umbrella at the bottom of most pin-type liners is larger than the distal end of my residual limb. The milking sensation is challenging for me to tolerate. The axis of the lock for the pin also was not vertical on that limb, which probably emphasized the milking action. The alignment that I've had for about 15 years has my knee externally rotated, and my tibia is not pointing straight down.

I have been using ALPS Easyliner (no pin for me) and ALPS VIVA suspension sleeve. The sleeve is not wonderful for biking - it is very flexible and stretchy.

I'm going to a new prosthetist who's willing to help me work to get my walking alignment closer to textbook (which would be more efficient).

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