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ivux2 10-26-13 05:38 AM

Clip-On For Wheelchair
I have been in a wheelchair for 40 years. Two years ago, I bought a used handcycle, a Quickie Mach 2. It is fun, but I can't anchor my feet independently. I need someone to strap my feet in. I have been researching new ones and ordered one of these last week: . It should be an improvement. I'll update this in a week or two with my experiences

ivux2 11-24-13 07:57 AM

Well, I bought a Dragonfly based on the recommendation from their R & D department that it would attach to my wheelchair. I went to a mechanic I trust and since I have a folding wheelchair with detachable legrests, there is no solid mounting point for the attachment points.

The only mounting point for the clips is on my legrests, which vibrate and break easily. I could have bolted the attachment points on to my legrests, but the vibration and added weight of that handcycle attachment would have quickly broken my legrests--probably when I would be going downhill on a country road at twenty MPH. It is just not a safe attachment point.

The handcycle attachment was developed for rigid-frame wheelchairs. I need a folding wheelchair so I can fold it up and put it behind the seat of my extended-cab pickup. I guess I'll stick with my old handcycle for now.

The folks at Rio Mobility offer an unconditional 30-day money back guarantee. I had to pay the shipping, but there should be no problem.

Notgrownup 11-24-13 08:20 AM

Have you looked at Patterson Medical and Keen mobility, comfort company and others i can't remember? Also if you can talk to a specialty wheelchair company that is a dealer for Quickie they may have some abilities to custom make stuff for you...I work for a Med/Supply dealer and we sell all kinds of stuff for W/C's

Bezalel 12-05-13 06:32 PM

If you can get your legs in and out independantly but need straps the can be operated remotely, I'd expect such a device is more likely to exist in the wheelchair industry than in the bike industry.

The dragonfly looks top heavy.

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