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mef3232 02-18-14 03:34 PM

help with bike modifications
Hi im new to this forum I need some help with a project im going to do....I have a 10 year old niece who as cyribal palsy and as difficulty in turning the pedals with her legs been weak.....could anyone come up with some ideas on gearing I couud alter so she could turn the pedals with would be a great help and give me ideas on how to do them......thanks very much...

CbadRider 02-20-14 11:10 AM

Have you thought about getting an electric assist bike?

squirtdad 02-21-14 12:44 PM

I know there are a spectrum of abilities for people with CP. here are a couple of ideas depending on where your niece is.

here is an example of a bike that is purpose designed. I rehabbed it for a bike charity I helpout with

The bike it self is a low geared direct drive (ie. it's a fixie), it has a handle that let's a caregiver push and steer also.

another thought might be to look into an tricyle bike. (this is my dad on one) and look at using as smaller front chaing ring and/or alternate rear gears.

Pics of the bike you plan to modify would be helpful

sounds like a great project

johnelliss 05-14-14 07:05 AM

given amazing idea for him.

fietsbob 05-15-14 03:37 PM

The Nuvinci CVR hub is easy to change gears by just using a small chainring and a bigger sprocket.

Clever thing is the ratio varies continuously , so turning the grip till it feels right is pretty intuitive .

there are big wheel stabilizers too ,ort of a big pneumatic training wheel, set.

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