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qwert566 03-09-14 12:37 PM

Decreasing wind noise
Having a severe problem with my hearing, can't be exposered to any noise, but would like to cycle around. My problem is wind noise. Been using foam earplugs, but that's not enough. I would like to decrease wind noise as much as possible. Don't bother me not hearing traffic, cause I have a mirror on my bike. Bicyling with a road bike which doesn't go faster than 20kmh (12mph) is an option, but would like to ride faster on my road bike (driving around 30-35kmh (18-22mph)). That's to much noise for my ears. The problem is noise is continuous.

Let's see facts:
- Foam earplugs decrease noise for about 30db. Some experts say lab tests with 30db decrease in "real life" mean only 10-15db. Is there any better product for me?
- Together with WindRush which decrease for 20-25db.

Looking the paragraph at this site my noise should be (together with foam earplugs) decreased for another 10 or 15db.

Have anyone tried that before? Don't mind how looking on the bike. Is my thinking correct? Don't want to try it several times and damage my hearing while trying.

Been looking these other product to:

What do you suggest me to do? Don't tell me hearing is important while driving. It is, but I can't affort that. For example: I never drive a car without foam earplugs!!!

coupster 03-10-14 09:38 AM

I haven't tried them yet, but they get good reviews.

Tandem Tom 03-10-14 02:46 PM

Just ordered 2 pairs for my wife and myself. We were out riding today and the wind was really annoying so I experimented with holding a finger up along side my ear and it cut down the noise significantly. So while riding I mentioned I had heard about Cat-Ears and thought I would give them a try.Plus they have a sale on them this week!

Leebo 03-12-14 11:53 AM

Full face helmet?

fietsbob 03-13-14 12:17 PM

Ride slower? keep to the tailwinds?

italktocats 03-14-14 12:52 PM

i have a somewhat the same experience, except its not noise so much as the wind, giving me a killer headache after 15minutes

earplugs never worked for me, they dampen sound but since your ear "create" the noise the most obvious solution would be to airstream your ears haha :thumb:

wearing a beanie covering the ears worked best for me, if youre not a helmet user, you might consider noise proof headphones, if fashion aint a issue

CanadianBiker32 03-17-14 06:45 PM

Head band works?

Drakonchik 03-17-14 06:58 PM

Slipstreamz -- they work fairly well though some find them fussy to install, others hate them in the summer. I love 'em for weather 30-58F. They cut maybe 1/3 or 1/2 the noise.

Slipstreamz - Home

mwondra 04-10-14 03:22 PM

Go ear doctor and ask to have ear plugs made. I have a set I use for shoting trap.

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