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jomt69 04-26-14 09:55 PM

Which wheel do I need the electric motor on?

I am a RBK for two years now. I am working to get back into cycling. I have talked to my prosthetist and he is willing to help me with an "optional leg" for cycling such as the ones in another thread. I would just change the post and go, or so it seems.

However, I am wanting to travel to and from work and that is 20 miles one way. I do not yet have the stamina to make the trip unaided. I have looked at electric assists. However I do not see or see stated any advantage of one system over another. Rear wheel, front wheel, both or even chain ring drives, what are the advantages, if any? Please help!

alaskanb3arcub 04-27-14 10:05 PM

If you are going with a motorized hub, most of them work better in the front wheel. I'm not aware of any that work in the rear(especially with multiple speeds).

esther-L 04-28-14 08:02 PM

One thing that I've done in the past for bike commuting is to select a "partway" location. Something like a grocery store parking lot. I drive my car there, park, pull the bike out, and bike the rest of the way to work. This location could start out 3-4 miles from work, and slowly get closer to home.

I don't know anything about where you are - it may be too rural for this approach.

jomt69 04-29-14 08:21 PM

Golden Motor has kits for either or both wheels. I have found another company that does as well but did not bookmark their site apparently. I do live in a very rural area and am moving further out soon. At that point cycling will be out of the question. it takes 90+ minutes to drive it at 60 mph most of the way.

I know the motor will add some weight and I am not a lite guy. I was hoping for speeds at or near 35 but am not sure I could carry enough batteries to accommodate most of the trip.

alaskanb3arcub 04-29-14 11:16 PM

35 MPH is not likely. I think most electric hub kits are governed at a max of 28 MPH(in the US, anyway. Not sure about over seas).

fietsbob 05-05-14 03:36 PM

think petrol, Moped , batteries capacity may need you to have a 2nd charged one to get back home.

jomt69 05-06-14 09:07 PM

Ah yes, gas! I am not a licensed driver any more and a moped requires registration and the like. AND if you lost your license, me, you can not drive one! Never had a license, not a problem. Thus I am exploring alternatives. I believe I could charge the batteries on board once I am at work. Just not sure how many would be needed, other research is more important first.

Speed is an issue. It is not legal to have an electric bicycle that does over 20 without some additional regulations involved, I believe it is more like a moped at that point. However, with some form of governor that could be switched in I believe I can accommodate the law side.

I am not all about the legal aspects, proof in loss of license, but I do not want to blatantly disregard it either just bend it a lot.

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