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Critiques welcomed for video safety presentation

Advocacy & Safety Cyclists should expect and demand safe accommodation on every public road, just as do all other users. Discuss your bicycle advocacy and safety concerns here.

Critiques welcomed for video safety presentation

Old 09-03-16, 09:31 PM
Me duelen las nalgas
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Critiques welcomed for video safety presentation

I welcome critiques, comments, suggestions for improving this as a presentation to encourage local officials to help make this route and routes like it safer. I can see things I could have done better riding this route. And the video might be more effective pared down to 3-5 minutes, possibly with narration. Don't be shy, fire away, my skin is as thick as my skull. Thanks.

BTW, for experienced street cyclists (pretty much everyone in A&S), there were a few other factors:
1. It was raining, on and off. I tried to avoid dead center because it's slick. That's where vehicle fluids accumulate. Treacherous on wet roads. So I chose the right tire track rather than dead center or left tire track.
2. This was a new-to-me used bike. I'd just picked it up literally 15 minutes before this video. So I was still adjusting to the overall feel of the bike.
3. This route looked pretty safe via Google maps and street view. Not so great in meatspace. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
4. I never cussed or fussed at the drivers. That never helps. Besides, it didn't really seem bad to me until I reviewed the video later. I tend to just shrug off most drama. Anyway, none of the drivers honked at me. None of the brush-by passes seemed aggressive or hostile. Just poor judgment, possibly on my part as well.

I'll copypasta the full text accompanying the YouTube video here:
My first time riding a bicycle west on Altamesa Blvd and Dirks Rd west toward Lakeside Dr next to Pecan Valley golf course, west side of Fort Worth, toward the Trinity Trail head near Winscott. Seemed like an okay plan after checking Google maps and street view.

But... yikes.

I usually don't hesitate to take the lane and ride center lane in city traffic where there are two or more lanes on either side. No problem. And most of the quieter residential and rural roads I ride are safe, with bike lanes, wide shoulders and little traffic.

But this was my first encounter locally with this particular bicycling challenge, since I resumed riding last year after 30 years away from cycling.

I'm not inclined to blame the drivers . None of them honked at me or seemed deliberately aggressive or hostile. This seemed to be primarily a road design challenge that can only be solved by -- in descending order of expense:
1. Widening the road (not likely to happen anytime soon).
2. Stricter law enforcement (shifting the expense to drivers).
3. Signs reminding drivers to share the road (which they were trying to do) and pass safely (which they were not doing well).
4. "Vehicular bicycling" -- taking the lane to encourage, or force, drivers to wait for an opportunity to pass safely. This shifts most of the burden to cyclists, and could be intimidating.

I'm trying to develop this into a presentation to local officials to explore what steps might be taken to make this route safer. This is a first draft edit of the video. It probably either needs to be shorter, around 3-5 minutes, tops; or needs voice narration to reiterate the captions and help make the 11-minute video seem shorter.

For reference see the excellent video and animated tutorials on the Commute Orlando blog:
"Helping Motorists With Lane Positioning"
"Lane Control"
Lane Control | Commute Orlando

My thanks to Paul H. for these tips and encouragement!
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Old 09-04-16, 06:42 AM
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My only critique. On a curve. Also when there is oncoming traffic while there is traffic behind you. Go all the way out to the double-yellow. To let traffic know. Not to try and pass you at that time. Because, Traffic will still try to get by you despite the danger. While they wouldn't try passing a motorized vehicle on a curve. They have no problem squeezing a cyclist. Even to the point of killing the cyclist. Because the local police will be quick to blame the cyclist, whenever a cyclist is involved.

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Old 09-04-16, 06:58 AM
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The only two that stood out were the ones you labeled "black truck" and "quite awful pass. What you were calling lane splitting was not a problem to me, in and of itself. Not checking for oncoming traffic is, of course, an issue.

There is the possibility that I am just a bit jaded; but I didn't see much to complain about. I would not expect other vehicle operators to make a full lane change. There is the possibility that this attitude come from both extensive two lane driving and form riding a motorcycle in California, where, like most of the rest of the world, motorcycles can share lanes; that is something I took great advantage of.

Sorry to disappoint; but I really didn't see much to be bothered by. That being said, I do agree that your second lane position was a better choice than the first one.
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Old 09-04-16, 03:34 PM
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Thanks, folks, much appreciated.

Regarding the red car passing me on the winding downhill curve, I actually did signal with the traditional "stop" hand signal, but the car passed me anyway. Not sure if the driver ignored the signal or didn't understand hand signals. Other drivers waited for me to wave them on ahead when I could see the road ahead was clear.

BTW, I wasn't expecting a group hug or sympathies. During the actual ride I don't recall ever feeling particularly endangered. It was only after reviewing the video that I realized how many near-collisions those drivers risked in order to avoid me. But when I cycle commuted years ago in SoCal and Washington DC I was accustomed to riding in busy traffic, so I'm a bit hardheaded about dangerous situations.

However, just because I'm not terribly nervous about brush-by passes doesn't mean they aren't potentially dangerous. And from the video it appears most drivers didn't lane-split -- they gave me plenty of room.

But the lane splitters come across as either nervous nellies or passive-aggressive types showing their irritation, without actually honking or tossing beer cans. And it was the lane-splitters who were most at risk of head-on collisions. They're the drivers who showed the worst judgment. (Assuming I didn't show the worst judgment by riding that route!)
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