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Construction signs

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Originally Posted by cheg
Last winter I got caught by a construction sign laid flat in the middle of the bike lane with the legs of the iron stand spread completely across the lane like a V-shaped trap. I hit it in the dark at about 15 mph and wiped out good, destroying my front wheel. The construction company was very responsive when I complained. They paid for a new wheel and never left the signs like that again. You could try contacting the builder - they just hate the thought of personal injury lawsuits. No need to threaten them. Just explain the problem. Who knows, maybe they'll move the signs.

Sounds like you need lights, or at least better ones.
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Yes, I hate construction signs being in the bike lane. It's not so much a bike lane problem as it is a construction problem. They simply don't consider any other mode of transportation out there other than cars.

For example, I recall once they were digging a trench across an entire street and had placed steel plates across the trench so traffic could still pass. But what they did was place two steel plates where they expected car tires to be. I was on a motorscooter travelling down the center. It wasn't until the last possible moment I realized what was going on and still to this day I'm not even sure how I made it across. I did not feel my wheels on the steel. I think I flew across.

Another example is there is a local road going through construction right now. They've left huge 6 inch drop-offs everywhere and big huge blobs of asphalt. Very difficult maneuvering on a motorscooter with tiny little wheels. It's a minefield. A lot of cars get pretty annoyed with me slowing down in the middle of the street for what appears to them to be no apparent reason.
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On the way home from work tonight there was a large "Newscenter 7" TV news van parked right on the bike path just over the bridge I was crossing. They were getting ready to do a live news report. I liked to have hung around until they actually broadcasted and then I would have grabbed the mike out of the reporter's hand and publicly scolded them on TV for blocking the bike path! But it was late and I just wanted to get home.
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Ride more.
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Originally Posted by John E
Where is this? On the I-5 shoulder? Southbound from Roselle to Genesee, or northbound? Decades ago, cycling advocates (and some ambulance chasers) forced a significant change in road construction policy and civil engineering practice, specifically the replacement of tyre-swallowing grates with bicycle-friendly ones. Has CarTrance (sorry, CalTrans) taken a 30-year step backward?
I'm don't know which road UCSDbikeAnarchy is referring to, but I frequently ride the I-5 shoulder between Genesee and Sorrento in both directions.

The southbound shoulder has no significant fixed obstructions that I can think of, just the typical road debris and a bit of lumpy asphalt on the off-ramp.

The northbound shoulder has recently been re-paved, and the area cordoned off for bike use shifts from time to time. Recently, the bike area has been routed across several drainage gratings, the type with lateral pieces which are only a few inches apart (as in Roody's link). Even though they don't appear to be the evil bike-swallowing type, I still slow way down and navigate the narrow bits around the periphery rather than risk having a wheel tweaked.

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