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Moe Zhoost 07-02-19 09:03 AM

Another young cyclist struck down in Florida
Football player on her high school team. Planning on enlisting in USMC following graduation. Such a shame.

Here's a link to the story.

Rick 07-02-19 08:07 PM

Sad that so many intoxicated people are allowed to drive motor vehicles. The individual that ran down the young lady was probably impaired and angry. This was my experience when I lived in Florida. People would throw things and yell at bicyclists. Every time the police were involved I found out the perpetrators were intoxicated.

gnappi 07-03-19 03:08 PM

I've been targeted (literally) by a motorist and came within a few inches of being run over. This SOB was at a stop sign facing me (I was in the opposite lane) He put on his bright lights, then gunned the motor aiming STR8 at me. Only my jumping off of the bike over a curb saved me and the bike.

They're nutso down here.

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