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adamsdp 06-05-20 06:04 PM

Helmet with chin protection
I am looking for recommendations for a bike helmet with chin protection. I have an autistic son who has really come to enjoy bike riding and we were out for a ride and he took a spill where he injured his chin. My son is an adult but never learn to fall properly as a child so when he went down at low speed it was an awkward fall. I am thinking about getting the Fox Proframe helmet and wanted to see if there might be a better one or if anyone has other ideas. Thanks!

Bmach 06-05-20 09:37 PM

Bmx helmet?

Notso_fastLane 06-08-20 02:16 PM

They are pricey, but about the best protection you can get:

CB HI 06-08-20 04:51 PM

Most important, pick the full face helmet that fits his head best.

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