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Road commuter 02-15-21 09:11 PM

Winter riding
Watched a rider today with no helmet, riding in the snow, holding on to a package that was resting on his handlebars.

Speaking from experience. Don't ride on snow or ice. And please wear a helmet!!! Saved my life once.

Ride safe!!!!!!

BobbyG 02-16-21 09:06 AM

Road commuter One can safely ride on snow and ice with the proper tires and mindset.

hsuBM 02-16-21 09:12 AM

I ride on snow and ice nearly every weekday from late November till early April. Usually in the dark.

A few times a month I do the last 0.10 mile with a box of pizza on my handlebars.

I actually enjoy riding on ice. My current favorite ice tire is a Conti GP5K 28mm. I made my way a 1/4 mile out into a frozen lake just last Friday to enjoy some aimless pedaling and long slides. It was fun.

Brett A 02-16-21 12:44 PM

Originally Posted by Road commuter (Post 21925958)
Don't ride on snow or ice.

That's crazy talk. That would mean everyone in the northern hemisphere would hang up their bikes from November to April. I've been riding through the New England winters for several decades without incident. It can be done safely.

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