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bbbean 03-26-21 02:51 PM

Missouri Dangerous Dog Law
The Missouri House of Representatives will hear testimony Monday on a bill to tighten a hole in the dangerous dog law. Currently, if a dog injures you while you're riding, running, or otherwise engaged in lawful activities, there's nothing law enforcement can do to force the owner to contain the dog. Existing laws all require a dog to bite someone to be considered dangerous or vicious.
HB 992, filed by State Representative Jamie Burger (a cyclist himself, lives in Benton), broadens the definition to include dogs that have injured a person otherwise engaged in lawful activity.
HB 992 would simply allow police to fine owners of dogs who injure people engaged in lawful activities, and give the owners some incentive to control or contain their dogs.
Under the current house rules, they are accepting online testimony via a written form. If you have been chased or injured by dogs while running or cycling, your testimony would help law enforcement make the roads safer.
You can submit testimony at this link , or you can go to for more information.

Please, submissions from Missouri residents only.

Iride01 03-26-21 03:14 PM

Geez, thing have changed since I was a kindergartener in Missouri. It was common then just to shoot the dog and not worry what the owner thought.

alo 03-26-21 03:31 PM

I get chased by dogs often, but I am not in America. They should shoot them here.

JW Fas 03-26-21 07:02 PM

Now if only Missouri would finally pass a blanket ban on handheld devices while driving...

indyfabz 03-26-21 08:27 PM

Good. A couple of years ago my ex got tackled by an unrestrained dog that ran off a property while she was descending a hill. Traumatic brain injury with bleeding and a fractured collarbone. Fortunately, PA state and county laws allowed the owner to be charged.

rydabent 04-01-21 08:57 AM

Dogs that bite people out in public going about their lawful business should be put down PERIOD.

blacknbluebikes 04-01-21 11:47 AM

I was bitten by a dangerous Missouri State Senator. Would this be covered?

James1964 04-01-21 11:53 AM

When I was young, frame fit pumps were used regularly for warding off/smacking aggressive dogs and rarely for inflating tires.

ropetwitch 04-01-21 10:33 PM

Dog owners should be accountable at all times. This is actually a good move coming from the Missouri House of the Representatives, but how about in the other places?
Are there existing rulings for dog attacks?

bbbean 04-06-21 02:28 PM

Originally Posted by blacknbluebikes (Post 21995675)
I was bitten by a dangerous Missouri State Senator. Would this be covered?

Probably not. Dogs have standards. Might check to be sure the senator was up on his or her shots.

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