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C-R700 03-30-06 10:00 AM

Bike fatality
Baxter Man Pleads Guilty In Fatal Hit-And-Run
(posted 3/29/2006) View all News Items

DES MOINES, Iowa -- A Jasper County man pleaded guilty Wednesday to drunken driving charges after allegedly hitting a man near Ankeny.

The hit-and-run crash killed Brian Shaver of Ankeny. Shaver was riding his bicycle one morning last September.

Jade Perry, of Baxter, pleaded guilty Wednesday to vehicular homicide by OWI. The charge means Perry admits being drunk when he hit Shaver, left him to die and took his bicycle.

In exchange for the plea, prosecutors dropped a charge of leaving the scene.

Perry gets a 25-year prison sentence and must serve at least 17 years.


unkchunk 03-30-06 10:27 AM

...and took his bicycle.
I think that kind of changes it from a hit and run in the headline. So the guy stopped, walked passed the cyclist dying in the street, picked up the bicycle, walked back to the car/truck, attached it to the car/truck, and then drove off. Wow, what class.

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