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scarry 08-17-07 03:29 PM

Repug blasts cycling as an energy solution
Some would say, RIDE A BIKE. Well we do say.
Having used a bike to get to work, in spite of car ownership, for over 30 years, I do say.

The Human Car 08-17-07 03:50 PM

It seems like Rep. Patrick McHenry's answer to the fuel crises and the crises at the pump is... wait...
You can not make this stuff up...
use nuclear power plants for transportation!

pirate 08-17-07 04:07 PM

I con't believe that this guy wants to put more nuclear power plants online.
"yeah, radioactive waste that remains toxic for thousands of years getting shipped to insecure storage sites via truck and train, sounds great!":rolleyes:

Raiyn 08-17-07 04:10 PM

Wow what an asshat!

BCgoFHS 08-17-07 04:30 PM

Ah the usual cluster**** other wise known as congress. :rolleyes: Slam the other guys, without offering any real solution.

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