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Hit and run in CA

Advocacy & Safety Cyclists should expect and demand safe accommodation on every public road, just as do all other users. Discuss your bicycle advocacy and safety concerns here.

Hit and run in CA

Old 10-09-07, 08:50 AM
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Hit and run in CA

Okay I'm posting this up for another guy in another forum I frequent. Tell me what you think of it. What should he do?

Originally Posted by couch View Post
On Wednesday October 3, 2007 I was on a ride in Long Beach CA. The ride meets at 9:00pm and start around 9:30pm. There are usually around 80+ people. No this is not Critical Mass so keep your comments to yourselves, we have already gone over this. Anyways, the ride starts and about seven miles in a car pulls into the pack. The lady starts honking and accelerating as if she is going to ram us out of the way. We were all riding two wide and not slowing traffic by any means. She pulls behind a friend of mine and begins to honk over and over at him. We are coming up to a red light so we stopped. By this time the pack had split up, most of which went thru the green. The lady keeps honking and my friend turns around to tell her to back off and suddenly, while making eye contact with each other, she accelerates into the back of him knocking him off his bike, out of the clips and onto her hood. This is all taking place at a red light, with about twenty-five people around, not including people in their cars. He picked up his bike and she continued to pull foward so he raised up his bike, never touching the car with it though. He was teling someone to call the cops as she tried to flee the scene. We blocked her in, took her plate number and called the cops. Some people on the ride ended up spitting on her car and kicking it, then bailed. We stuck around and waited for the cops. Before the cops arrived a random hero pulls up and blocks traffic. All he did was lay on his horn and start yelling. He finally gets out and starts threatening us saying he saw everything. There was no possible way he could have seen any of it go down from where he came from. He starts telling us he is going to **** us up and all that bs. We just laughed at him and pissed him off even more. One guy ended up getting in his face and made him back off. So the cops finally show up and one gets out immediately telling us to get our bikes and get on the ground. No big deal, they don't know what's going on. So one guy is getting his bike as instructed and another cop yells at him, get on the ****ing ground. And grabs him by the neck and throws him to the ground wwf chokeslam style. I asked that cop for his name and badge number, he just shaded off. They begin to ask questions and take our ID's after that. We told them exactly what happened and naturally, they didn't believe us. They told us we need to get jobs and be responsable. I told him I work at least seventy hours a week. He asked what I do and when I told him what I do he was shocked, then pissed when he realized what I do is a ot more important than patrolling the streets of long beach and ticketing people on bicycles. At this point they started asking us about our bikes. By this time the focus was not on the lady in the car intentionally ramming my friend, it was on us and how miscreant we are. Long story still long but shorter than it can be..... we all got tickets for no bike registration/license, which is not required in the city I live, and a ticket for no bike lights, which I clearly had. He hands me the ticket to sign and I begin to read it before I sign it. It pissed him off that I wasn't just giving into his bs. Another cop came over and suggested they take my bike, so they did. They took my bike, one others bike and arrested my friend that got hit. He was charged with vandalizm because of the tire mark on her bumper and the dent on her hood from where he fell onto it when she hit him. He was not read his rights and was handcuffed then hauled in. All while we are sitting on the curb the ***** that hit my friend is talking **** on all of us in front of the cop with her friend that showed up after everything happened. So we got hit, we called the cops, we stoped a hit and run and we are the ones that get arrested, ticked and have our bikes impounded for three months. The **** that hit him ended up leaving without a ticket, without a stern talking to, without ****. There is no record of them taking our bikes either. They made it sound like they weren't going to bring to the bikes to the bicycle warehouse like they are supposed to by what they were saying.

Btw, none of us talked back, smart mouthed or even got defensive. Long Beach cops are notorously ****ty.

Anyone with any legal advice or experience with dirty cops?
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Old 10-09-07, 08:57 AM
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I have a hard time believing this story.

A pack of 80 roadies hardly behaves like anything other than a pack of wolves.

They block the entire road (typically) and a motorists would not injure 1 part of an 80 part pack on purpose because they would probably be killed immediately afterwards.
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Old 10-09-07, 09:21 AM
Thin mint, anyone?
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This story should have ended it with, "Then I woke up and made coffee."

A rousing fictional tale with plenty of melodrama but crippled by poor readability for lack of paragraphs.
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