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jakub.ner 11-16-08 02:13 PM

Accident in London, Ontario
Found out about this when a coworker saw me in the morning a couple days ago and said a happy "oh, you're alive".

Why is it always important to the media to mention the helmet? It's obviously something added by The Free Press since the Police are still piecing stuff together, even the man's name is not available:

"The identity of the cyclist, who wasn't wearing a helmet, wasn't immediately released. "

I'm tempted to email Kate ( , but this may not be appropriate.

JeanCoutu 11-16-08 02:37 PM

Yeah I've noticed this in Québec media outlets as well. Seems they always mention helmets, even when it's unclear if it could possibly have had any kind of influence. I'm sure the police or doctors, etc. Collect this data for statistics, but in the media? For car crashes they often mention alcohol, "alcohol was not in cause" or something similar.

CB HI 11-16-08 02:43 PM

Then the paper should phase it similarly: "lack of helmet was not in cause of death"

artimus 11-16-08 03:43 PM

IMHO from what I say on the news, a helmet would'nt have made a difference. He wrong place, at the wrong time. From what I could piece together, he was in the blind spot of a turning fuel truck in the early morning. The lesson for all, is to be aware of our surroundings, and lights and reflectors for the early morning riders. A sad loss for a city that has a 'pretty' good relationship with cyclist. This makes two deaths for London this year.

dobber 11-16-08 03:50 PM

It's just filler. Auto accidents will often mention whether seat belts were in use.

Mitchxout 11-16-08 06:48 PM

Helmets are usually mentioned in motorcycle accidents as well. It never made sense to me except to remind non riders how stupid we are.

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