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tallard 05-23-13 07:12 PM

Darcy Sheppard's father holds a press conference with evidence of how this case was mishandled and justice thwarted.

DX-MAN 05-23-13 07:57 PM


Originally Posted by Daves_Not_Here (Post 14640916)
At least six prior incidents of confronting motorists? Police had just been there on a domestic violence complaint?

If I'm in an open convertable and menaced by an aggressive thug, I can only hope he's the only one I run over.


Originally Posted by RazrSkutr (Post 14641064)
You make a great argument for taking you off the road whether on a bicycle or a car. It's out of hormonal insanity like this that such situations occur: on both sides.

Seriously: if you have a bicycle, please sell it and get yourself something appropriate to your mental situation (perhaps a strait-jacket?). If you have a car .... let's hope you're an attorney general struggling with your alcholism.


Originally Posted by asmac (Post 14641711)
Nonsense. It's understandable that people might panic when they're threatened and predictable that bad things can result.

Since I followed this story from right after it happened, I remember a few details that might be pertinent...first and foremost, Bryant was trained in BOXING, so panic was an unlikely reaction from him. Further, aggression/threatening posture still doesn't justify vehicular homicide. Bryant hit him, Sheppard reacted by jumping up and latching onto the car, and Bryant took off, trying to 'scrape' Sheppard off the side of his car against several road fixtures, and DID 'run him over' with the back wheel. Witnesses estimated he was doing about 80kmh at one point during this event, IIRC. Bryant's reaction was to drive into a parking garage and sit, waiting for the police that someone else called.

Yes, SHOULD have been a trial.

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