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Chris516 02-19-13 12:30 PM

Originally Posted by Essex (Post 15286240)
I've also bookmarked his record. Interesting. Speeding in a manatee zone, as well as assault and battery previously.

If you want to follow the case through the courts:

Select case number and in the boxes type in: F 10 001742 - you do not need to add a # to the last box.

The judge for the case is Hon. Bronwyn Miller:

This is a more direct link:

dougmc 02-19-13 01:05 PM

Originally Posted by CB HI (Post 15289806)
The article said 'No plea bargain!', what information do you have that refutes that.

I thought "No plea bargain!" was something you added. After all, the article I read didn't include the word "bargain" at all, but yes, it does say he's not getting an offer in exchange for his plea.

It has reached a point that Bertonatti's good lawyers figure he is unlikely to get off even in a jury trial. They likely figure his best bet to limit jail time is to plead guilty, tell everyone how remorseful he is ...
He's bargaining. He doesn't have an offer in exchange for it, but he's hoping for something.

That said, I am surprised. The odds weren't in his favor, but they're still better than zero. I guess the DA figures this is a good case to use to make an example of and didn't make any offer, and Bertonatti is still trying to get a bargain out if it. I figured some sort of offer would be made (even a crappy one) but I guess the DA likes to take high profile cases that they know they are likely to win to trial from time to time to show how they're "tough on crime". No trial for this, but without an offer made the DA wins whatever the judge decides.

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