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sudo bike 02-23-13 07:03 AM


Originally Posted by KonAaron Snake (Post 15295620)
She doesn't like being inconvenienced by slower traffic - sorry, but my blood isn't boiling. I disagree with her, I think she's too quick to throw out the interests of cyclists, but I understand her annoyance. Sorry, but I see nothing uber offensive here...she finds it annoying being stuck behind slower traffic. I find it annoying getting stuck behind walkers on a doesn't mean they shouldn't be allowed to use the MUP, but I think not wanting to wait is a natural human impulse.

I obviously am not endorsing her licensing idea...or the obvious actual impact that she wants - no cyclists. I strongly disagree with her...but she's throwing out an autocentric idea onto the market place of ideas. She's not advocating running us over. I will go through a light if there is no oncoming traffic...I know that there are others that this annoys. I don't think they;re really annoyed by the action since they don't seem to care about peds doing it. They're annoyed because we do slow things down and they're looking to be annoyed.

While I mostly agree that it isn't really a BFD and she's simply expressing an opinion we disagree with, I'd argue she comes awfully close to some bad implications here:

This arrogance increases threefold if a cyclist is “sponsored.” Apparently, a jersey that has a logo or two on it along with the aerodynamic Tour de France helmet translates to some extra level of ownership of the asphalt. Sometimes they seem to be tempting someone to hit them.

Sounds a lot to me like a weasel words way of saying "Sometimes they tempt me to hit them", even if not seriously. Which, I mean, I'll take implications of bad behavior over the more outright calls for violence you usually see, but I think that comes close enough to deserve admonishment, at least.

Honestly, it's more childish than anything. The article just comes across as someone kvetching on Facebook after a crappy commute. Absolutely nothing of substance, just complaining. Get over yourself, nobody cares. I'd at least be able to respect it as a piece of writing if she at least had some overarching point she wanted to tie in with the anecdote, but it really looks like just a wordy Facebook rant to me. I'm not mad, I just think she's an idiot who can't write.

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