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Tom Stormcrowe 04-28-13 10:03 AM

********Tighten it up on the Copyright Policy, Folks....********READ!
Fair Use only. That means a SMALL excerpt of the article, link, and YOUR thoughts about it. No more pasting whole, or 3/4, or half, or even 1/4 of the article. We've gone over this before that the new hotbed legal mine is copyright violations. One paragraph at a maximum, and less of the article if possible, and link back to the original article.

We aren't going to shorten it up any more, we're just gonna delete and have the option of sanctions as well. We also WILL be issuing points, so fair warning. No excuses.

The ONLY allowable full text articles are if they specifically say they are public domain or Creative Commons (with proper attribution to the source), or you have specific, verifiable legal permission from the author to republish, or if you yourself are the author of the article. You also must link to the original article and attribute the source, per intellectual property law.....period.

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