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LongBikeBack 05-23-13 04:21 PM

Film about a cyclist's recovery from a hit-and-run & his x-county bike advocacy tour
I'm new to this forum, but the documentary I'm finishing is about bicycle advocacy and may be of interest to some here. The film is titled 'The Long Bike Back' and it's about a bicyclist's recovery from a crippling hit-and-run and his bike trip across America with his brother, advocating for road sharing and improved bicycle infrastructure. Here's the short trailer for the film:
And, while I'm in shameless self promotion mode, we're doing a crowdfunding campaign to release the film this summer:

buzzman 05-23-13 06:52 PM

Thanks for the link and the post. Inspiring and positive message. Bravo!

LongBikeBack 05-24-13 06:54 AM

Thank you!

buzzman 05-26-13 11:08 PM

You know, I see you are new to BF's and I hate to say it but the A&S forum is not really all that much about actual advocacy or even safety. It tends to be threads for people who want to argue about stuff like helmets and bike lanes but not necessarily effect any change.

Which is why you haven't gotten that many responses. There's nothing to argue with in this thread. Though maybe someone will take issue now with my post and go totally off topic. :rolleyes:

I wonder if you might want to repost this in the Touring Forum. I think those riders would be more receptive to this message, as well as more interested in the film itself.

Maybe the mods could move it, if they feel it would be more appropriate elsewhere.

What you did is wonderfully impressive and really important work. I hate seeing it ignored in here when it could be an inspiration to quite a few other riders. There are a number of BF riders who have recovered or are recovering from serious injuries and it would be great for them to see to what extent you were able to come back to fitness and riding.

Again, bravo!

LongBikeBack 05-28-13 09:33 AM

Thanks for the info and suggestion. I'll take a look at the touring forum and move/ repost over there. Thanks again!

delcrossv 05-28-13 09:40 AM

That's advocacy! Well done!

LongBikeBack 05-28-13 10:43 AM


MMACH 5 05-28-13 10:57 AM

I just shared it on my FB page. Good stuff. I look forward to seeing more of it.

LongBikeBack 05-28-13 11:28 AM

That's really helpful! Thanks so much.

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