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jon c. 07-23-13 02:09 PM

Interesting Employment Posting
Good Afternoon: We have another excellent opportunity to share with you! Please share the advertisement below with all your contacts – friends, co-workers, associates, and current or former employees or students who might be interested in this opportunity. Please note that we are accepting applications until August 8, 2013. Please visit the on-line application center at

The Florida Department of Transportation, District Six is seeking a highly motivated individual to lead efforts to achieve goals in the area of bicycle and pedestrian safety in Miami-Dade and Monroe County. The candidate will be performing a wide range of duties including identifying and analyzing high bike/ped crash locations, identifying corrective measures, assisting with the implementation of a comprehensive safety education component for schools, reviewing Safe Route to School (SRTS) applications, and assisting with bike/ped components of Community Traffic Safety Team (CTST) efforts. Although this position is not supervisory, it will require the selected candidate to be an effective team-builder, have excellent communication skills, be able to successfully build and maintain partnerships between agencies and community groups, motivate excellence and aligning the teams of achieve desired bike/ped safety goals.
The selected candidate will join a top-performing team with high levels of employee satisfaction and productivity, and will working under the supervision of a Professional Engineer.

Although an engineering degree is not required for this position, the ability to become licensed may facilitate the selected candidate’s progress up the career ladder. The FDOT offers a friendly, supportive work environment with strong leadership, opportunities to be involved in some of the most important public works projects in the state, and excellent benefits.

Best Regards,

Debora M. Rivera, P.E.
Director of Transportation Operations
Florida Department of Transportation, District Six
1000 NW 111 Avenue, Room 6236
Miami, Florida 33172
Telephone (305)470-5466
Email: [email protected] -

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