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no motor? 10-07-13 03:27 PM

This is sad, and close enough to home that I've riden there before too. I too think people are more oblivious to their surroundings now, I don't remember ever having any troubles like this when I was a kid and we rode our bikes everywhere. I know part of the reason I don't remember this being a problem is due to the passage of time and not being as aware then as I am now, but it sure seems worse now.

Chitown_Mike 10-08-13 03:09 PM

I rode that trail this past Saturday, and ride it all the time. The street over there that parallels the trail is usable but I have seen to many accidents to want to wander onto it. It's a shame because I have seen clueless dog owners getting their leashes wrapped in runners, walkers, kids, the trees, rollerbladers, and every form of person on that trail. Especially right in that section because there are houses right across the street and the people wander like zombies right onto the trails without any regard for anything going on around them.

I avoid that place after 10 am, usually before that it is strictly runners and riders.

gcottay 10-08-13 05:21 PM


Originally Posted by ItsJustMe (Post 16139158)

I think caution and skill work better.

spare_wheel 10-08-13 07:27 PM

I just want to point out that this is an example of a pedestrian killing a cyclist.

Digital_Cowboy 10-13-13 08:59 AM


Originally Posted by daihard (Post 16140362)
Kinda glad I'm not the only one. BTW, the above incident happened to me on the road as well. I was on a bike lane between the carriageway and the curb.

In my case, jaywalking was unnecessary. There was a marked crossing with a traffic light about 50 yard from where she crossed the street. It's also worth noting that pedestrians can legally cross any intersection in WA since intersections considered crossings whether or not they are "marked." That gives pedestrians less excuse for jaywalking. :)

I've often wondered, ​WHY when there is a crosswalk nearby so many people have to cross mid-block?

daihard 10-13-13 09:06 AM


Originally Posted by Digital_Cowboy (Post 16156887)
I've often wondered, ​WHY when there is a crosswalk nearby so many people have to cross mid-block?

Especially those joggers, right? They're running for health/fitness, what's in saving 20-30 strides for them?

Darth Lefty 10-13-13 09:26 AM

So here's a theory. Not really related to bicycles, but to the extending leashes, because they are a menace to everyone including the dog. These are "normally open" devices. The leash spools out unless the walker takes action to press the button and activate the ratchet. It should be "normally closed" where if the walker does not hold the button, it does not spool out. It would require his attention.

Similar theory for strollers - they need a deadman switch, that brakes if they are not held onto.

phoebeisis 10-13-13 10:07 AM

Pedestrians ands folks walking dogs
Have NO IDEA how little agility a bike has.
A bike is less agile-in respect to changing direction or braking-than a car

A 20 mph(30 fps) bike-skinny tires high center of gravity- just won't change directions very readily.

We-Bike Riders- do know this- so we need to ride with that in mind-

Better assume walkers and dog walkers and DOGS have no idea about bike dynamics-

Those stupid dangerous reel leashes- get lots of dogs hit by cars-and they are constantly getting tangled in bushes trees sign posts

Matariki 10-13-13 11:33 AM


Originally Posted by Digital_Cowboy (Post 16156887)
I've often wondered, ​WHY when there is a crosswalk nearby so many people have to cross mid-block?

For over ten years before I restarted commuting by bike, I walked to work. During that period, I was grazed by cars twice, once had to dive backwards to avoid a red light runner (who then T-boned another car), and had many other close calls. All of these incidents happened at intersections when I was in a cross walk (with signal if there was one). Because of this, I adopted the practice of NOT crossing at any intersection if I could avoid it. You can call it jay-walking, but I call it self-preservation.

Why cross at a point where cars can come at you from at least 4 directions when you can cross between intersections and only have to worry about cars from 2 directions!

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