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achoo 10-16-13 12:18 PM


Originally Posted by B. Carfree (Post 16164242)
If it's just "he said, she said", no witnesses, no serious injury, no serious property damage, then what is the cop supposed to do? S/he knows cyclists put up with abuse/threats/death-defying risks/self-sanctioning route selection on a regular basis. If there isn't an ambulance ride and witnesses, it's a waste of time since there's pretty much no way to get a conviction without using relatively expensive and time-consuming evidence collection. Those measures are reserved for more "important" victims. We don't make the grade.

Even when there is a death, it's often difficult to get the police to take any action. A month or so ago, a cyclist was right-hooked to death in San Francisco. The SF Bike Coalition specifically asked if the cops checked the video footage of nearby businesses and the cops said there wasn't any. (Remember, when a cyclist fatally struck a pedestrian SFPD was Johnny-on-the-spot to secure video footage, so they know how to do it.) A week after the death, a cop showed up to taunt the SFBC and friends/co-workers of the victim when they held a memorial at the site of the death. Fortunately, as a direct result of that incident someone noticed a video camera pointed at the death scene and secured the footage just hours before it would have automatically overwritten the critical footage.

Here's the news article:

Yes, there is a bit of us-and-them going on. It's unnecessary, unfortunate and just plain prevents justice from being meted out fairly.

The point is to create a police record of the jackass being a jackass.

Because when the jackass DOES actually cause harm, there will be a paper trail of his jackassery.

And off to jail he'll go.

Like the doctor in California. If none of the cyclists involved in his earlier attacks had bothered to file a complaint with the police, he'd still be out on the roads endangering people.

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