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kjmillig 10-25-13 09:40 PM

Japan May get a Ministry of Bicycle Promotion

Essex 10-26-13 07:00 PM

Hey why not? They can use some of the oil from the 'scientifically' caught Minke whales to lubricate chains.

kjmillig 10-27-13 01:45 AM

Sea Shepherd piracy supporter? But that has nothing to do with Japan's efforts to bring back cycling to it's overcrowded streets. Taiwan could do well to do the same. As people's wealth increases, more motor vehicles are added to the narrow streets of an island nation with no room to expand the roadway infrastructure.

Essex 10-27-13 02:06 PM

I apologize. Inappropriate of me to bring in something unrelated. Having a coordinated effort to rein in motor vehicle use is always a good thing. And lungs in Japan, the Indian subcontinent could certainly benefit. Have not been to Taiwan.

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