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thook 11-22-13 09:00 PM

turbo......I did say "if you can", didn't I?

You're obviously not someone who needed to read my post. Perhaps someone like Lance is as there was a shoulder......a nice wide one....for him to avoid the situation he found himself in. He didn't "need" to be in the lane of traffic.

shipwreck 11-22-13 10:12 PM


Originally Posted by thook (Post 16270436)
Dude, you are brave taking that route. All the time I've wondered if there was a safe way to cycle up to Eureka. I love hanging out up there. My dentist is in Holiday Island, so driving on the way up there I've studied the routes. It's not looked promising.

Have you ever made as far south as West Fork or Winslow?

Its a better route than 62 through Gateway. For the safest route, take 412 to 23 and then up. 412 is high traffic, but there is a shoulder for most of it. 23 has some narrow shoulderless areas to the south, but its a nice road to ride, for me anyway. There are a few cyclists in the Fayetteville area who ride to Eureka. Not sure what routes they take.
Never done the 71 classic, have ridden the route though, past Winslow. Most of the time when I am going south(mostly to Little Rock) I take 23 down. Also 21 down to the Buffalo, crossing at Boxley. There are some rolling hills and serious granny gear climbs. Mount Nebo and Petit Jean are great climbs that cause some burn!
Funny thing, met a group of kids cycling across the country, they had come from Harrison to Eureka that day, forty miles. One of the girls was crying, saying that it was the worst day of the trip, and they had crossed the Appalachians. Its was the hills, and the lack of shoulder that the group said was really taxing. I have ridden that way a lot, and found it to be average for the area. But there are lots of areas like this, and people ride them and worse.

If you really want to be brave, ride to Eureka on Bikes Blues and Barbeque weekend. Did that once a couple years ago, and will never make that mistake again. 40,000 bikes make the same trip that weekend, and a lot of them are drinking. Plus the noise! That is about the only time I will not ride anywhere.

CB HI 11-22-13 10:37 PM


Originally Posted by B. Carfree (Post 16270582)
On a similar roadway hereabouts, I was driving a pick-up at the appropriate speed under the basic speed law. Two folks who had different notions of what was a safe speed flew by me at about thirty more mph than I was going. Two miles later, I came upon rather long skid marks and could smell the brakes and tires. There was an old guy with a marginally functioning pick-up full of firewood who was having trouble keeping his vehicle moving going about ten mph. The folks who passed me had apparently been able to stop just short of running into his rear end, but only because he was indeed moving. I hate to think what would have happened to an ambulance stopped on that highway. I didn't have any difficulty slowing to his speed until it was safe to pass; neither did the vehicle behind me.

The guy and his lady that went flying by me in his fine sports car, 2 miles later, flipped it upside down on a blind bend. He was crawling out the window as I rounded the bend. Lucky for him, I understood and obeyed the basic speed law.

thook 11-22-13 10:44 PM


Yeah, I'd never consider 62 as a possibility. I nearly got creamed from the rear up at the Beavertown exit a few years ago. A guy in his one ton with a backhoe on a trailer was going much too fast. I didn't even know he was back there, but I gave plenty of signal time before I prepared to make my turn.(IIRC, the law is like 100ft) Maybe he just didn't see it, but he laid on his horn as he went barreling past me on the right side shoulder. I nearly peed my pants. I start slowing down at the top of that hill before making that turn, anymore.

Anyway, I'll seriously look into the Hwy 23 route. I've only driven up it a few times over the years, so I don't remember a lot about it anymore. If it's really that doable, my buddy and I will have to plan an over nighter for the spring when everything's blooming. Man, I've wanted to do that for the longest....with dinner at Ermilio's! And, maybe sleep over at the Crescent....muahahahaha!

B. Carfree 11-22-13 10:54 PM


Originally Posted by CB HI (Post 16270819)
The guy and his lady that went flying by me in his fine sports car, 2 miles later, flipped it upside down on a blind bend. He was crawling out the window as I rounded the bend. Lucky for him, I understood and obeyed the basic speed law.

Sadly, if you had been behaving the way most motorists behave you might have run him over and not suffered any consequences at all, other than paying the deductible for the repair on your vehicle and, of course, the famous life-altering guilt we always hear about when a reckless motorist kills someone.

gerald_g 11-22-13 11:02 PM


Originally Posted by CB HI (Post 16267952)
This statement is so wrong. Good drivers do not drive faster than their sight line distance allows them to stop in.

+1... this is the truth.

mmm___ 11-26-13 10:50 AM

Yeah, this is a pet peeve of mine as a motorist and to a lesser extent as a cyclist: other motorists who don't take into account the circumstances on the road when determining speed. Including people who go too fast around corners with poor visibility, don't slow down in snow to account for the increased stopping, and people who overtake at high speed differentials in busy traffic.

It's a pretty weak excuse that they weren't exceeding the speed limit. It's an even weaker excuse if they were exceeding the speed limit and "other people were speeding too". Or if they're exceeding and the speed limit and "know what they're doing".

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