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HK2K13 12-05-13 12:06 PM


Originally Posted by B. Carfree (Post 16302494)
If he moves out of Pennsyltucky to San Francisco he might get different treatment:

That's the proper charge when using a motor vehicle as a weapon.


Ramona_W 12-05-13 12:16 PM

This is totally OT but it's a more revealing story if you're looking for backwardness on both sides.

And I can talk since I live in a place where they sell T-shirts that read "Vantucky" on them.

Ramona_W 12-05-13 12:31 PM

The 18-year old driver was from West Virginia. How does that change things Pennsyltucky-wise?

I have to agree with the people who said the bike was basically incidental. The driver didn't see a cyclist on the road and aim for him; he left a parking lot at "a high rate of speed" and didn't care who or what he hit- could have been someone on a bike, could have been a baby carriage, could have been a pedestrian. Should he have stopped rather than dragging the bike through the streets? Or checked to see if the kid on the bike had been hit? Yes, of course, but he was clearly ****ed off and not in a fit state to be driving period.

Ramona_W 12-05-13 12:35 PM


Originally Posted by turbo1889 (Post 16297447)
Anyone know what the argument was about?

If it was a "bikes aren't allowed on the road, your not a car, get off the road !!!" argument that proceeded this act of ADWv then it is certainly a proper matter of discussion for this forum.

On the other hand if the argument was over a girl or something like that then its just a case of ADWv and could have just as easily happened to a ped. or even someone in a car (people have been known to deliberately ram other peoples cars especially when the other person has a much smaller and less sturdy car).


I'm betting the argument was of the second variety since it happened in a parking lot and the dad of the bike rider was there as well. #testosterone

bluegoatwoods 12-31-13 09:14 PM

I've now lived in two cities in my life that sometimes had the 'tucky' ending added on. Reading this thread, I see that there are others. We all know that it's not particularly high-minded. And, really, it got old for me a long time ago.

But "Kensylvania" made me laugh out loud. I guess there is something new under the Sun.

Thanks to whoever posted it. I've lost track of who that was.

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