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Solid_Spoke 12-06-13 08:36 PM

Consider the following:

A individual of BLUE ethnicity is down and out on his luck. He decides to rob a 7-11. He successfully makes off with $500.

The local newspaper writes an article about the incident, and of course the online commenters come out in force:

Billy Hick Jr writes: And this is news why? BLUE's always do this.

Sam K agrees: typical behavior of BLUE's.

Does this individual really reflect back on the group? The answer is no. The answer is yes if you are stereotyping.

spare_wheel 12-06-13 11:01 PM


Originally Posted by genec (Post 16306521)
I am sure that not every motorist speeds, runs stops etc... as we have a few right here that state they follow all the laws to a T... yet you just made a blanket statement about Motorists.

Or maybe Joey simply did not encounter the infinitesimally small fraction of motorists who follow the letter of the minor unenforced traffic statute. I only drive a few times a month but I've had raging cagers threaten me with bodily harm because I maintained 45 on freeway where the posted speed limit is 50.

bluegoatwoods 12-31-13 09:01 PM

This thread gets to the heart of just why I avoid my car at (most) all costs.

(I'm pretty successful at staying away from it, too. But that's almost beside the point.)

I simply can't stand to be among those people in their cars. It's just not fun anymore.

Yes, on a bicycle I'm still among them. But it's different. There's really only a few short stretches where I have to be among them literally. There's all sorts of other paths available to a bike that puts some distance between us.

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