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905 06-14-14 09:49 PM

On the road across the pond
Inspired by this post in another thread


Originally Posted by nun (Post 16851762)
I ride far more safely than 95% of the cyclists I see on the road. I put it down to good habits I learned doing the Uk's cycling proficiency test in the 1970s.

I hereby offer a primer on UK cycling proficiency. I thought it might be helpful for those who plan to visit Pretty Good Britain, or residents who wish to prepare for the mandatory licencing scheme Her Majesty's government is sure to roll out at some point. (We already have one of the hardest driving tests in the world, which could be made vastly easier if we just started using the right side of the road.) Without further ado, and with fingers crossed that this will mostly be taken in the lighthearted spirit intended,

Lesson 1: Use bike lanes where possible. This one is dedicated to vehicular cyclists...

...this one is helpfully being reserved by a Range Rover...

...and this one is is unmarked, but can be clearly sensed by advanced cyclists.

Lesson 2: Dress the part.

She hasn't gotten the memo.

Lesson 3: Obey the law.
Copper clocked in. Let's be careful out there.

To be continued. At least that's the plan.

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