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dblA 06-15-14 05:27 PM

Replacement helmet pads or liners
I fail to find a thread on this topic, so here goes: My bell helmet, less than a year old, has fully decomposed pads. I am now riding with the naked foam material, all the textile covering has worn off, starting within weeks of buying the helmet. Amazon has replacement pads, but none of the ones I find there match the shapes I find in my lid. Also I'd like something more durable than what I got with the helmet, washable yet reasonably comfortable. Searches for such things were unsuccessful, maybe because of my digital incompetence. Does anybody know if such a product is available or has anybody ideas about a home made model?

prathmann 06-15-14 05:39 PM

Have you tried contacting Bell customer service (800-456-2355)? I called them a number of years ago when the pads in my then 30 year old Bell Biker were worn out and they sent out a replacement set free of charge. No idea if they are still as responsive, but it's worth a try.

mrtuttle04 06-15-14 05:55 PM

I pulled off the pads from my helmet and started wearing sweat bands instead. I find them to be more comfortable and do a better job of diverting the sweat that tends to get in my eyes. They get washed with my white socks. If you get name brand sweat they are expensive, but my wife found a package of 5 for a couple of dollars at Wal-Mart that do the job.

JoeyBike 06-15-14 07:11 PM

Theoretically, the helmet pads dying is an indication that the helmet is past it's "use by" date. Since UV and environmental degrading is not visually apparent the helmet manufacturers design the padding to only last as long as the average heavily used helmet. However, it seems like an awfully short time period. Bell should have no trouble sending you new pads, or you can find the pads online using a specific search for your helmet model AND replace AND pads.

CB HI 06-15-14 10:40 PM

I use Halo sweat bands. They do a good job and do not make the helmet smell bad, like the pads do. Larger sweat bands like the tennis ones may help with helmet fit, if your helmet is not a tight fit.

Chris516 06-15-14 11:57 PM

I have wondered this myself.

no motor? 06-16-14 03:05 PM

I have a bunch of spare pads for kids sized helmets left over from helmet giveaways over the years. These thinner pads are designed to allow the child to continue to wear the helmet as their head grows, and somehow we've managed to end up with some extra pairs. These are probably going to be a little too small for an adult sized helmet, but another BF member used a pair of them to replace the old pads in his helmet and seemed pretty happy with them. PM me your address if you'd like some and I'll mail them to you if Bell doesn't send you some designed to fit your helmet.

noglider 06-16-14 03:36 PM

I used fabric from some cut-up jeans and attached it to the helmet with contact cement. :)

Elvo 06-16-14 03:50 PM

Bell will send you pads free of charge

dprayvd 06-16-14 04:10 PM

Soda/beer can cozies make good diy pads.

mconlonx 06-17-14 09:21 AM

If your pads were glued-in, they were not meant to be replaced, you'll need to get creative with some other pads or material.

Many helmets, especially the higher end ones, have pads held in place with hook-and-loop fastening for just the occasion where you need or want to swap them out. Our store stocks a limited selection of replacement pads for just such an occasion. Thing is, once a helmet style changes, helmet companies will rarely produce replacement pads for the long term, so you're left trying to source NOS pads somewhere else, or the suggestion from the helmet company or bike shop to replace the whole helmet...

egranlund 06-18-14 02:21 PM

May be worth going to the LBS to see if they have extra helmet pads. I can't imagine they're too specific to the helmet - and if they are, you can always use a pair of scissors to trim them down.

bbbean 06-18-14 02:51 PM

100% cotton cycling caps are the preferred helmet liner.


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