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tread88 06-14-10 07:23 AM


Originally Posted by phoenixliston (Post 10924195)
Yeah yellow is rad...INSANE bike man..

Thanks alot, man. It hasn't gotten much action lately, but it's always fun to ride.

dreaminbohemian 06-15-10 04:18 AM


kingfish254 07-09-10 01:00 PM

We went to New Zealand for vacation this year and came across the Oamaru Cycle Works. Great little shop that was really like a museum. They had just closed, and were about to go for a Penny Farthing ride, but they were kind enough to open up and show us through their collection. I love the old Peterson. It was also cool watching them ride their penny farthings off. Pretty cool place. Hope you enjoy the photos.

Charles Ramsey 07-09-10 05:04 PM

fatwreck 07-29-10 11:38 AM

My tandem tall bike:

kingfish254 08-02-10 11:44 AM

Cool video of a Haley Trike with Sara and Stephen in Philly.
I love these because the prototype was built in my courtyard in Savannah, GA when Stephen helped us restore our 1873 house.

poncharello 08-02-10 11:14 PM

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My new neighborhood cruiser.

hotbike 08-04-10 10:15 AM

These are B&W photographs, which were taken in 1991, but I didn't get around to scanning them until today.

I want to say that the Motorcycle Windshield, or "Fairing", is a PROTECTIVE SHIELD which makes the bike SAFER. Please don't tell me it "looks" dangerous. It's only dangerous if you're the pedestrian getting run over by it.
This is called the NFA Vehicles Type 5. The fairing is made of Kevlar.

lz4005 08-04-10 10:55 AM

It looks like a giant nose.

gavtatu 08-12-10 10:02 AM

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little folding bike i was given !
aero bars, wheel disc, if i get some 1" tyres i'll throw them on too !

velo86 08-21-10 12:48 PM
Untitled by srhgbsn, on Flickr

definately not mine.. interesting handlebars nevertheless!

kingfish254 08-21-10 05:06 PM


Originally Posted by velo86 (Post 11328629)
Untitled by srhgbsn, on Flickr

definately not mine.. interesting handlebars nevertheless!

That is just a standard cruiser handlebar. They just have the wheel turned around.

crazzywolfie 08-25-10 08:53 AM

i almost have mine completed. even though it is not complete yet i have been still driving it. i need to finish welding it together.

countersTrike 08-28-10 09:50 PM

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Most recent- taken with iphone (also on Recumbents)

Van Beach Bum 09-01-10 06:50 PM

Nice bike. I'm trying to do a paint job similar to this. How did you keep the original look?

Van Beach Bum 09-01-10 08:03 PM


Originally Posted by KOTA (Post 10380511)
This bike was posted on page 27, with a banana seat and apes. My wife needed a cruiser. She doesn't care for banana seats and apes:notamused:.......SOOO the bike was returned to a more normal state. here's a few pics, what it started as, and what it is now.

How did you get the Murray to come through so well. I'm working on a restoration project and want similar results.

KOTA 09-04-10 08:17 PM

This wasn't really a resto project, more like a custom project. Here's how I did the paint. First I Disassembled the bike and cleaned all grease, oil off. Then took a 3M pad (green) and lightly went over everything, to take off any "loose" paint. Then it was cleaned thoroughly again. I use a brake cleaner around the bottom bracket and alcohol on the rest. Next, ALL the graphics I wanted to KEEP, were coated with a few layers of Clear paint (Murray, on tank, design on rear carrier). Then GRAY primer heavily, EVERYTHING. After it drys, BLACK primer heavily, EVERTHING.....Then take 320 sandpaper and wet sand over the graphics you CLEAR painted over, sand through the layers of primer until you reach the CLEAR, just be careful not to sand through the clear........Wet sand the entire bike, until you get the desired effect you're looking for, I wanted some gray popping through the black. Last step was SATIN clear paint over the entire bike..........And this was all done with rattle can paints. Hope this helps you.

fiataccompli 09-04-10 09:32 PM

did you re-rake the fork or use a different fork?

KOTA 09-04-10 09:47 PM

Fork is from a 1944 Sterling. I bent it to give the bike a much lower stance........A little "attitude" never hurt anyone.:D

d87 09-09-10 05:25 AM

Kota, that looks amazing!

fiataccompli 09-09-10 08:24 AM

can you indulge my ignorance & point me to info on how to accurately & safely bend a fork like this?

KOTA 09-09-10 06:31 PM

RatRodBikes set this up as kind of a tutorial. . It takes a fair amount of practice, and I've ruined a "few" forks. I have to tell you I've never been successful in bending a round (tubular) fork. Personally I don't know why I'm successful at it, LOTS have failed and then became a little upset with me and this method. I know I'm not the only one bending like this, with patience, it works. The only thing I can say is try using some forks from tag sale bikes, just for practice. The fork in the thread was a fork from a 27" ROAD bike, as you'll see there is a 24" tire (rim) on the finished project.....In other words, Don't bend a 26" fork and expect to put a 26" tire and wheel back on. Bent forks create negative trail, and take a little getting used to riding....So try it at your own risk. GOOD LUCK!....You can do it.
Lowering the front MAY cause your pedals to "scrape", you can put shorter crank arms to remedy this. The bike below is absolutely rideable. Here's the build thread for that bike.

KOTA 09-09-10 06:46 PM

I take the part back about a 26" fork being bent and not putting a 26" tire and rim back on. The black Murray is one. What I meant to say is : As you bend KEEP checking for tire clearance against the crown (top) of the fork. You'll notice the Murray doesn't sit as LOW as the green bike. But, if you look to see how close the tire is to the top of the fork, that's as far as I could bend that one WITHOUT going to a smaller tire size. That was the look I wanted for that bike.

d87 09-13-10 12:34 PM

Kota how are you powering that front light?

KOTA 09-13-10 12:38 PM


Originally Posted by d87 (Post 11456951)
Kota how are you powering that front light?

Both bikes (lights) are battery powered.

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