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Sculch 09-03-12 07:14 PM

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Here is a few pics that is a stretch like Elbowgrease's bike.

Going to the HPVFest next week in Ayer MA and I'm sure to find some odd bikes there.

Elbowgrease 09-04-12 08:58 AM

That's some nice work. I'm thinking about making the mounts to put another rear shock on the front instead of the little spring on a stick that I salvaged from the original springer. It would probably smooth the whole thing out a lot. I welded an old wheel hub into the fork for it's pivot point when I put it all together, which helped a lot.

russaroll 09-08-12 05:05 PM

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what wheels did you use?

RB1-luvr 09-11-12 08:25 AM

The wheels on the '36 Seminole are Electra wheels I believe. Or Nirve? I can't remember what the guy told me when I bought them. All I know is they are awesome.

24x3 rear, 26x2.3 front

russaroll 09-14-12 03:48 PM

Thanks. It's so hard trying to find 24" wheels w/o buying something new. I might have to though.

russaroll 09-23-12 06:09 PM
made a swing bike today. i still need to adjust the back half a little and fix a few of my welds.

Sculch 10-15-12 04:21 AM

Love to swing. I made several for me and for my two daughters.


russaroll 10-17-12 05:49 PM

^mine doesn't swing that good, but it's still a blast to ride. any tips? been thinking of doing another one.

RB1-luvr 10-22-12 07:03 AM

yet another ratty pub cruiser. 1946-1/2 Monark Super Deluxe:

Sculch 10-23-12 06:26 PM


Originally Posted by russaroll (Post 14852535)
^mine doesn't swing that good, but it's still a blast to ride. any tips? been thinking of doing another one.

Yeah you got to keep making them till you get it near right and then make a few more. My first Huffy was built like yours.

My second is my personal Vista.

My last one was for my other daughter is a better way to build it. Got the idea from Wobley John ( He has his build on the web. Check his out.


Sculch 10-23-12 06:39 PM

RB1-luvr.......... nice Monark. It has a lot of custom details all rolled into one. Love the church key on the fender.


grumpybstrd 10-26-12 12:48 PM

This is my (pardon the expression) 'Ratbstrd Cruiser'

kwmcd 10-29-12 09:39 PM

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First picture is of the bike as I bought it. The rest is of the progress so far. I am trying to find some nice brown grips and a 50s style light set for it. After that who knows

Sculch 10-30-12 05:00 PM

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Originally Posted by kwmcd (Post 14894120)
[First picture is of the bike as I bought it. The rest is of the progress so far. I am trying to find some nice brown grips and a 50s style light set for it. After that who knows

We don't get to many CCM's around here but I know I'll find one some day. You did a nice job on a already nice looking bike. Not done? When are they ever done, always room for something else I say.

I also have something going that's not nearly as done as yours....... I started with a way to tall Schwinn 10-speed and laced a Bendix Coaster Brake hub onto the rear rim and removed all the cables and crap that came on it...... and I bent and added things to it. Rides nice.

I have nearly compleated front and rear fenders that are a few inches off the street on the trailing edge and will add one more top bar with a small tank in between.


russaroll 10-31-12 07:08 PM



Originally Posted by kwmcd (Post 14894120)

First picture is of the bike as I bought it. The rest is of the progress so far. I am trying to find some nice brown grips and a 50s style light set for it. After that who knows

Velo Orange has some leather ones you sew on.

kwmcd 11-01-12 08:34 AM

Now those are some sexy hand grips. I was thinking about cutting a 1 inch strip of brown leather and wrapping the bars half way up from the ends like you would a road bike. That way you still get to see the chrome in the centre.

...but I also like those grips in the link you sent..... choices

ilikebikes 11-01-12 07:36 PM

I havn't been here for a while, just thought I'd pop in and post a pic of my custom made (by me) 24 inch muscle bike. AKA "The Beast!"

ilikebikes 11-01-12 07:58 PM


Originally Posted by kingfish254 (Post 13802732)
I haven't posted an update of Fugsley in a long time.
Dahon folding bike with Harley Davidson tires and OCC STingray frame parts and a water ski rack thrown in.
You can see the entire build diary on Rat Rod Bikes here

Here is the frame with no tires.

And with tires

Dude! I WANT YOUR BIKE!!!! FUDGIN' SICK! :twitchy:

joejeweler 11-03-12 08:15 PM

I posted of few of these pics in a SSFG forum thread, needless to say they don't seem to appreciate going a bit outside the norm! This forum looks a bit more accepting of such things!

Anyway, not as involved a change as some of you talented folks have done, but this is pretty much how my 1987 Schwinn Cimarron looked the day i picked it up back then, only brand spankin new bike! In this pic the rear fender was off,....about the only change from original. This is the 18" frame,...perfect for mountain bikeing but a bit low for city commuting. The Dimension quill to threadless rising converter solved that problem, and gets me upright and comfy.

When i finally got around to making some changes this summer, i decided the dealers suggested kick stand had to go! It had chewed up some paint, and i spent a few hours sanding, priming, and touch up painting. Had to keep any rust at bay, it's survived about 26 years without any to speak of.

Here's how she looks today, replaced the 26x2.00 tires with 26x1.50 Serfas Drifters, a Thudbuster suspension seatpost, and the outer wings give a super comfortable crusing position as long as you don't need to brake for a second or two:

The outer bar end grips were covered with an decent match to the Ergo grips,....once i picked up a $6 Walmart rubber grip set and bent them around the curve. A strange sensation eminates when i ride this. The semi-enclosed cockpit hints at a airplane cockpit, and looking down while riding always puts a smile on my face. Almost "wing-like"

I positioned the outer grips such that while riding on the main grips on the mountain bars, the wing grips clear my forarms and you don't feel them at all. It's the more "aero" position, and of course the brakes are accessable there.

The outer bar end grips allow for a stretched out upright riding cruising position, and i find i use those more than the "main" grips! :-)

I keep the Brooks seat rain cover in the small leather handcuff case on the seatpost. Always there if you need it.

This seat post combined with medium pressurized 26x1.50 tires makes for a super comfy ride,.....cadillac-like.

I have a black Brooks B17 Imperial leather seat on it now (not what's shown in this pic), but this does show the beefing up i did of the Thudbuster seatpost, fitting stainless bolts with nylon bushing covers to eliminate they slight play that has been known to develope on these:

I ran the front like this for awhile (Albatros bars),....but much prefer the 2 separate hand positions of the current setup. Funny how the bar end grips like i have them places your hands close to the same position as these, except i get an extra hand position with the wing setup.

Philphine 11-04-12 04:27 PM

here's my latest

built as part of a for fun halloween build off on freakbike

i have a hard time making myself get around to paint, but since i have another bike apart to paint (for way too long), i'm leaving this one together as a spare to my main stretch. mechanicly it's compleat and rides pretty good so i can work out any bugs and play with a few more ideas before i get to paint anyway.

anthonygeo 11-04-12 11:37 PM


Originally Posted by instrumetal4 (Post 3564060)
heres my 1st project. it was black and rusted when i got it with bright blue fenders and pitted chrome. this is after a full day of sanding,painting and fine tuning. a few more things to come soon.

used Krylon super-flat camo green paint, and Krylon gloss engine enamel for the wheels.

Anyone know the seat set up on this bike? Old old thread so I wasn't sure if a PM would do any good.

ilikebikes 11-06-12 12:51 PM

its a banana seat with sissy bars, pretty basic set up taken from 60s era muscle bikes.

Rollfast 11-12-12 04:53 AM

I wanted to make comments on individual bikes but this page's are all gloriously sick! Nice work everybody!

Backtrax47 11-26-12 08:37 PM

1970's Murray Chopper Custom

1970's AMF Avenger 5 , 5 speed custom painted
this was junk when I found it

1970's Swingbike ,Custom painted.
this one was rusted junk when I found it

Backtrax47 11-28-12 08:17 AM

Newest build for fun & I'm building a few more.

Drift Trike, made from a 80's 24" frame with a 20" fork installed.

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