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randya 06-20-05 06:23 PM

Tall bike jousting in Portland at the Multnomah County Bike Fair, Saturday June 25
Hopefully some of the Dead Babys will make this event...

Col. Summers Park, SE 20th & Belmont
2:00pm - 7:00pm
A *FREE* one-day festival of bicycle music, mayhem and madness. Competitions, tall bike jousting, beer garden, marry your bike booth, food, performances, awards and more. Sign up the day of to compete at the Competitions Stage. Performances by: Sprockettes - Gov't Issue Orchestra - Pheramones - Trash Mountain Boys - Johnny Punchclock - and more. Bring your own bike for jousting & competing, no loaners available. VOLUNTEERS NEEDED - contact; free arm bands and accolades for all volunteers.

randya 06-26-05 05:58 PM

I just wanted to report back on this event, which happened yesterday. The turnout was awesome, at the event's peak, between 500 and 600 bicycles were counted. All the competitions, including tall bike jousting, slow races, eating by bike, the demolition derby, and more, were successes. The Sprockettes danced, a bunch of bands played, we had clowns and bike tricks, and a great time was had by all!! Two great after parties, one with live music by Japanther (from NYC), ending with a 2 AM ZooBomb!

I also went on several other great rides during the two weeks of Pedalpalooza leading up to the bike fair, including an atomic war preparedness ride; I wore my authentic Civil Defense air raid helmet from the era, and 50 other cyclists and I all clad in atomic war era or post holocaust costumes rode to the now abandoned fall out shelter that was built for the mayor and city authorities to use, back in the 50's.

Portland rocks!

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