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XXLHardrock 10-07-18 03:20 PM

This guy really wants an Electra Glide....
Found this on my local Craigslist. Not sure what to make of it.

Shimagnolo 10-07-18 03:26 PM

If you had the winds in the winter that we have here in the CO Front Range, you'd know why you couldn't pay me enough to ride something that effectively has a rigid spinnaker mounted to the front.:eek:

Philphine 10-08-18 08:23 AM

i like the ldea. i have a similar stretch cruiser project slowly being built.

Happy Feet 10-09-18 08:27 AM

What's funnier is that it is usually listed for $1000.

jockotobling 10-10-18 04:33 PM

It looks like he knew what he wanted make of it!!! That is pretty impressive.

Rollfast 10-21-18 10:33 PM

That seat gives him some nice leg extension I'll bet. properly set up. The windshield is there for cutting down wind in is face as much as aerodynamics.

And I'm sure he couldn't afford a Hopalong Cassidy, so this is a good substitute :D

thumpism 11-08-18 12:03 PM

About 30 years ago a guy came into the shop for something and he had a similar setup that was much nicer than the one pictured. I regret not having a camera on me, as for so much during those years. This guy's bike had hardshell panniers, a type of batwing fairing with windshield, and custom paint that was really nicely done; sort of a pearlescent cream with contrasting pinstriping and highlights. Big ticket and not my style at all but, as I said, very nicely turned out.

Philphine 11-12-18 09:31 AM

wheel building has always been my achilles heel. i needed a 24" wheel built with a drum brake hub i have to have rear brakes and gears but never got it built. i painted this and found a few more parts, but it's sat in the space above my garage for years. i'll get back to it someday.

embalmingfluid 11-27-18 11:50 AM

the YMCA of bikes

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