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roadrecumbent 01-19-20 10:07 PM

Transforms- Roadie to chopper and back on the fly. Carbon
Just put these pictures on my website, added a scene to the video.


Mosyosalyangoz 01-21-20 05:36 AM

It looks very good. have similar

Philphine 01-21-20 09:52 AM

i like it.

have you considered also making it a light cargo bike? maybe a long rack that goes in the rear seat post and clamps to the front seat clamp. add some appropriate bags and you could install/remove without much effort.

roadrecumbent 01-21-20 11:20 PM

Originally Posted by Mosyosalyangoz (Post 21293257)
It looks very good. have similar

Thank you!

roadrecumbent 01-21-20 11:28 PM

It is like a cargo bike. I'm surprised someone hasn't turned one of those into this. In the 1950's bikes were all beach cruisers with heavy duty racks in back that could carry a passenger. I used to go from the seat to the rack for fun. Then the Schwinn Singrays had bannana seats which allowed you slide foreward and back.

zebreaux 02-05-20 12:09 PM

That thing is great! I want a banana seat for my Roll! Keep thinking.

walterpeter946 01-11-21 11:26 PM

This is amazing. It looks really good. Great job mate!!

justrhines 01-25-21 01:11 PM

Very clean. Wow!

Alex57915 01-29-21 05:38 AM

Best Solution!!

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