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basscadetz 04-08-07 08:50 PM

pixie parking lot bombing video
here's a video of us/boneshakers from last weekend bombing a parking lot on pixies. enjoy!

click here, dammit!

randya 04-09-07 12:26 PM

I can see the ZooBombers made an impression on y'all! The 12" bikes are a nice touch!


mastershake916 04-09-07 04:58 PM

Hello again.:)

basscadetz 04-09-07 05:28 PM

heh, seems the internet is a small place.

yes all credit to the zoobombers.

we dont have hills here, so we have to do parking lots.

randya 04-09-07 06:02 PM

Originally Posted by basscadetz
heh, seems the internet is a small place.

yes all credit to the zoobombers.

we dont have hills here, so we have to do parking lots.

I missed the special weeknight ZooBomb when y'all were in PDX, but knew you'd been through town.


basscadetz 04-09-07 07:02 PM

i wasnt there, but okcdirtbag/kw was.

i heard it was a blast, and i'll def have to go there soon.

okcdirtbag 04-10-07 10:18 AM

hell yea was a riot! rev phil and handsome dan and others.. was ****in FUN!!!! wish i coulda bombed more but had relationship probs at the time.. now i'm single.. lol o well**** happens! but yea i still need to make the boneshaker + pdx patch for you guys!

randya 04-10-07 06:52 PM

^^ actually, it's handsome dave and rhyno dan, but knowing zoobomb ya'll were probably loaded and so you are forgiven for messin' up the nicknames.

;) :p

livewirerc 04-13-07 10:30 AM

Hahahaha, I thought I saw KW in that video!

< Jason from Austin


okcdirtbag 04-13-07 11:31 AM

first off what the hell man!?! haven't seen or heard from ya in ages (jason) and yepo that was me lol one of many bikes on one of many stupid occasions!

kemmer 04-13-07 11:40 AM

I like the cycle *****. I've been trying to get some people together to do a U-bomb (starting at the University of Utah), but there doesn't seem to be any interest. I'm just gonna start handing out fliers and doing it alone if I have to, it looks like fun.

Chetti 04-26-07 06:57 PM

I noticed at the University of Utah, every couple weeks, a bunch of guys get together and skate down it on long boards skate boards and mountain boards maybe you could get some fellas together on tiny bikes. could be part of that event.

kemmer 04-27-07 11:17 AM

Yeah, I've bombed the U of U plenty of times on a longboard. I'm not sure it's an event though, it's just a popular spot. If you know differently, let me know.

robosauce 05-08-07 03:21 PM

I figured I'd find you in the alt-bikes section, KW.

P.S. We need to make a sidehack bike so that a cameraman can ride with the crew on stuff. BETTER LIVING THROUGH PROPAGANDA and all that.

P.P.S. I started working on the "DESTROY ALL VERMIN" stencil set today.

joeyready 06-06-07 12:08 PM

haha, last summer, me and a few friends got some of those bikes and rode them whenever we went out drinking. that way, theres no chance of getting a nice bike stolen, and if you fall, you dont get hurt, cause you cant go fast, and your a foot off the ground

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