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dcb 11-22-07 09:25 PM

Howdee, check out my ride :)
Greetings, Just thought this would be a good place for my rolling junk heap:

Take 1 weight bench off the neighbors curb.
add a $20 BMX bike from the thriftstore (suspension preferred).
munge them together. This is technically a DIY no-weld recumbent with full suspension.
fix the weak areas (hammered conduit braces and garage door pullies).

I've got most of the bugs worked out, still needs a lot of work but is definately in the useable category and gets used pretty much every day. It is really comfortable to ride.

I slapped the trailer together with leftovers so I could make a firewood run (brrr). Simple eyebolt captured with a regular bolt, sloppy noisy but works fine.

Oh, happy thx giving.

Marrock 11-22-07 11:33 PM

Any way you could post a video of you actually riding that beast?

Sianelle 11-23-07 05:04 AM

Great work :) Thrown out exercise equipment is a terrific source of free steel.

East Hill 11-23-07 06:53 AM

Hello dcb, a lovely example of creativity :) . Where'd you get the tyres for the trailer?

And, Welcome to Bike Forums :D !

East Hill

JunkyardWarrior 11-23-07 12:04 PM

that is need a wire feed welder.....if you can do that without one just imagine what you could do with one....keep up the good work....looks like alot of fun

mastershake916 11-23-07 05:50 PM

Nice, do you have any build pics?

dcb 11-23-07 11:00 PM

Thanks for the kind words folks,

Marrock: no vid camera handy, will keep it in mind.

East Hill: The wheels are adult training wheels. They didn't provide enough stability for their owner so we found her a trike.

mastershake916: It's kind of a build in progress, cutoff wheel in angle grinder, box of self drilling screws, beef up the bendy/wiggly parts as they announce themselves. Next one will probably be a little more deliberate :)

Marrock 11-23-07 11:07 PM

Hope you can do something about that vinyl covered seat before the weather gets warm.

A little while on that and your back will smell like your feet... That is if you don't fuse fast to it.

Nice repurposing of found materials though and I'll bet it gets used more as a bike than it did as a weight bench.

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