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J4$0N 05-13-08 03:06 PM

I'm sure most of you have a rat patrol/chunk/scallywag/black label vest or jacket mines not quite done yet, but lets see some of yours

East Hill 05-14-08 07:19 PM

What, nobody :eek: ?

East Hill

deez 05-15-08 08:30 AM

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I'm the baddest mofo on my block.

powerhouse 05-15-08 08:56 AM

I have a Branford orange mesh vest with reflective yellow stripes on the chest, back, and sides. I'm hoping to do better. What do you fellow members have or recommend?

bikesforbreakfa 05-15-08 12:24 PM

uhoh colors post

Sledbikes 05-15-08 06:10 PM

colors i have them but dont wear them my bikes have to

evan_phi 05-15-08 07:42 PM

My fiancee's parents ride harleys... I should bum a vest off them.

VT tallbike 05-16-08 09:45 PM


Originally Posted by Sledbikes (Post 6702681)

How heavy is that disc. It looks like it weighs a metric **** ton. And how can I make one like it?

Sledbikes 05-16-08 10:31 PM

see the stuff on the lower left its cloth soaked with 305 i used 46d to keep it flexible

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