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Bike Crash Stories - I Wanna Hear Em!

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Bike Crash Stories - I Wanna Hear Em!

Old 11-27-08, 11:58 AM
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Bike Crash Stories - I Wanna Hear Em!

Does anyone have any crazy bike crash stories. Or even pictures???? Let's swap some tales!
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Old 11-28-08, 03:32 PM
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i have ridden my tall bike and been so comfortable, riding, chatting and wot-not, that i have come to a stop and gone to put my foot down as normal, forgetting i`m 5 foot up in the air! really!
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Was riding thru a park going the normal, not real fast speed, when i came up to a gate,,,in the shade of a tree; bike stopped, I did not; did a three point landing on my head and hands...one time I am sure glad I had a helmet on.
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I was ridding with a group of about 30 ridders , and we were all trying to make the light to prevent abreak in the line, I sped up to make the light and then backed off to the left to fall in again and was trapped by another bike and didn't see a big old suv parked in the road , missed the truck but caught the mirror and did a neat little piuret(not sure of spelling) rolled over the handle bars and landed on my ars, and the momentum cause my head to hit the pavement and this cracked my helmet a bit.
I was ok, alittle red in the face noticed my air pump was on the ground broke the plassic holder off.
My handle bars were about 25% off my wheel pointed one way and my handle bars the other.
I fluffed up my ars,and straighted up the bike and rode 8 miles home.
The next day I could barely walk soft tissue damage to the ass, and had pulled a groin muscle a bit.
the bike only had a scratch on the brake lever. I did nock the mirror of the truck didn't remember doing that part, but ran into the owner in the bike shop two days later fate or cursed????
Figure the odds on that, He was blasting the manager of the store and I walked up and shook his hand and said I did it, man that sucked but I did mess it up.

Any way that seemed to shock him and calm him down I appoligzed several times he said no sweat it was a break a way mirror on a Jeep SUV. God what a relief, thought that puppy would cost big buck.
Had to buy a helmet for my troubles. Doug

3 weeks tomorrow so wish me luck my road rash is healed so its time for another aw shooot.....

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Old 11-29-08, 09:24 AM
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Originally Posted by johnjohn
Does anyone have any crazy bike crash stories. Or even pictures???? Let's swap some tales!
You first.

There are so many stories. I can't decide which to tell. These are just a few of the choices.

a) My bike went under the tree and I went over.
b) Doing a right turn plastered to the side of a van.
c) Wiping out on algae in the desert.
d) The teenaged Evel Knievel jump that wasted an english 3 speed.
e) Falling sideways off a recumbent and cracking my hip.
f) Popping a wheelie only to have my front wheel fall off.
g) Getting run over by a Mustang.
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Originally Posted by Bjforrestal View Post
I don't care if you are on a unicycle, as long as you're not using a motor to get places you get props from me. We're here to support each other. Share ideas, and motivate one another to actually keep doing it.

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Just the usual boring stuff for me without even an ER trip.


In March of this year the roads and trails here were finally free of ice, except for one small patch on a turn that I managed to hit at high speed. High impact, minimal rash.

Last year I was testing a remarkably agile CF trike. A high speed turn once again proved there is no machine so stable it cannot be dumped. Low impact, major rash.
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Old 11-30-08, 12:57 PM
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Mine is uneventful.. I hit something, I know not what in the road.. The bike lurched to the right.. Hit the soft shoulder.. Still, the spill was enough to result in rotor cuff surgery.. Watch for the unexpected..
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zoobomb crashes:

1. locked up coaster brake making turn on wet road, New Bomb 10 MPH curves
2. hit retaining wall at Goose Hollow MAX station racing to catch a train
3. went over the handlebars in dark after hitting eroded drainage ditch, OG
4. went over the handlebars in dark after hitting drainage ditch someone had removed the grate from, Vietnam veteran's memorial
5. locked up coaster brake making turn on wet road, entrance to Mad Max
6. high sided it going through a chicane turn too fast, Salmon St.
7. Tackled by cop, Hellway stop sign sting

I think that's about it, before I started zoobombing it had been many years since I crashed a bike
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this wasn't too brutal but kind of funny

I was riding my tall bike on the side walk and crossed a street where there were two people waling.. i got the usual ooohs and ahhs and right after i crossed the street i had to turn the other way butt there was a car coming on that street and the stop sign was too far to grab onto so i flopped on my side, and as i'm falling i hear the people say "i wonder how he get's off that thing" *thud* "oh thats how" haha
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1. Bombed a trail exit (wet, nasty, muddy dirt) down to another trail (fancy paved), misjudged speed, overshot and pulled an endo across the paved trail and dove head-first into a ravine. Luckily my shoulder caught a tree 20' down or so and stopped me from sliding face-first with my feet still in the clips for another 80' or so.

2. Bombing through tall grass (to get to the trail) at local ski hill and hit a giant hole, flipped, face-planted, then bike landed on my head.... chainring got my helmet.

3. Crashed my tallbike a couple times, nothing major. Most in the first couple days of riding it.
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Old 12-01-08, 04:57 PM
What happened?
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Most my crashes were from when I was young and didn't think.

One time, I was riding up to a staircase that went down to the beach several hundred feet below. The staircase was very long, with a landing about every thirty steps. I came upon it quickly and with too much confidence, thinking I had plenty of time to stop (I was there to look at the ocean). For some reason I hesitated and when I realized I had too much speed I put too much pressure on the front brake (it was a classic ten-speed). The bike did a nose wheelie and I went over the handlebars and down the stairs face first.

It was more frightening than it was painful. I don't remember any particular injuries.

Another time I wiped out, going full speed, and slid across a huge pile of broken glass from a windshield. Don't know how I managed to not get hurt on that one.

Still another time I was riding a moped with a surfboard under my arm, hit the front brake too hard, and slid down the highway on my side with a bunch of friends laughing at me from the parking lot.

Good times.
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Hmm where to start I was a crazy kid.
Trying to make the longest jump with the neighbor kids by going down a hill on a fixed gear as fast as you could and going off a jump made from scrap lumber, lock rear wheel, high speed wobble, high side, slide on pavement
Riding with a friend, hitting a large rock, going over the handlebars landing on a curb with my tooth. Tooth lost and is now fake.
More recently riding along on a beat up mountain bike following a pickup which just happened to stop in front of me unexpectedly while I just happened to be looking down. Bent front fork few cuts and ended up laying face first in the truck bed.
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Old 12-07-08, 12:03 AM
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Ehh... worst was when my headset happened to come loose when I hit a deep groove in a newly paved road in the middle of the night. My handlebars turned and my wheel didn't and I went right down and scraped myself up pretty bad.
The worst was that a friend of mine was right behind me, a very very very gay fella who is legendary for fainting immediately at the sight of blood. I had to assure him everything was fine, put my chain back on, and take off around a corner to grit and retch and curse in privacy. I was limping for weeks.
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Old 12-07-08, 12:53 AM
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I woke up sitting in a ditch, looking into the woods. I didn't know where I was, or understand why I was there. I heard a vehicle stop behind me, and a voice ask "are you okay?"

pause... "no, I don't think so"

Eventually I would remember a downhill (max speed indicated 43), a curve, gravel, violence
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A new female acquaintance and I are on a very steep trail. We get to the steepest part. It goes steep, then 2 foot drop off, then steep again. I've done this before. She hasn't. It's her first technical trail ever.
"Look," I pontificate, "it's fairly straightforward. Stay under control and don't be on the brakes when you do the drop bit."
I roll down it. Stop. Look up to where she is. Go.
She releases the brakes at the TOP of the pitch. By the time she hits the drop, she's going fast. This will not end well. She rag-dolls down the second part of the pitch. Her head bounces off a couple of rocks. She slides head first into a depression a couple of feet from where I'm standing. Helmet smashed.
Is she alive?
Is her brain OK?
She's moaning. Alive. She eventually gets up. This is good. Better keep an eye on her, though. Secondary trauma and all that.
Prior to that ride she'd finished a graduate degree at an Ivy League school.

We've been together now for over eleven years. She has become a fearless and instinctive biker.
Good news for me, but if she hadn't bumped her head she'd have dumped me after a week.
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I can remeber as a 13 yo, having my puffy jacket tied around my waist flying into the back wheel and producing a hard brake. I fishtailed but somehow my concentration did not lapse and I was able to keep steering out of the fish tail. I think I went left/right/left and then was at a much slower speed. It was on a bridge over a small creek with concrete guard rails, I could have crashed in so many ways.

I was once doing this trick with a cheap thrash bike my friend owned. We would go down the sidewalk and then jump off and grab a tree branch. Except that time I was going too fast and as I swung up my fingers lost grip. My head went back and hit pretty hard on the concrete sidewalk. I remember LOUD ringing in my ears, pain of course, and having my mother lie me on the couch. I don't remember any other treatment! I wonder how much injury I sustained and if this affected my entire life! There is really not an easy way to know. A helmet would have been a wise idea for this particular trick but I just did not think in those anticipatory "what could go wrong here?" terms.

Here is a vid of me crashing my somersault bike in the critical mass of chicago meet up in Daley Plaza.
I bet some folks are guessing why I fell, but my current theory for this is hard to realize. Curious?
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All of my drops on my bicycle came when I couldn't get my shoe out of the clips fast enough at stops.
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Years ago, I crashed and hit the dirt hard on my mountain bike when I bunny hopped over a small mud puddle. It was over even before I realised I was going down. The ground I landed on had slimy greasy mud over hard pack, which was like hitting black-ice. My chain was on the middle ring at the time which left the outer chainring exposed - which then carved-up this neat downward wavy gouge pattern onto my inner thigh until about 8 teeth dug in deep into a mauling halt just above my knee.

It hurt like hell, but the scar pattern looked so cool. I was disappointed that it had healed so well that it's now hardly noticeable. In hindsight, I should've poured black india ink all over it while it was still raw and bleeding. It would've made a very impressive "tribal" tattoo with eight puncture wounds the shape of a chain ring.

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