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Joyfulmama 07-26-09 12:29 AM

Lowrider handle bars on comfort bike
I have a specialized expedition bike that I love, but I want a japanese baby carrier on it. To do that I have to mount it inside of the handlebars. See pic below. I have a friend in china that may be able to get the kid seat, but then I need the right kind of handlebars. Do you guys think that lowrider handlebars will do the trick?

KOTA 07-26-09 08:50 PM

Check out the bars on this site, There's a few that might work. The woman who operates this store is more then willing to help you. They'll even MEASURE the bars before you order, taking the guess work out..........GOOD LUCK!

mastershake916 07-26-09 09:11 PM

You will not be able to find any handlebars that will work with that in the U.S.
Those are the handlebars. They're also on a bike called the "pet bike"

If your friend get you the basket, have that friend also get you the handlebar.

Floyd 07-27-09 09:54 AM

The other option is to make your own, but that would imply work and the knowhow and tools to do the work. Handlebars coming with the basket sounds like the easiest, even over looking for something that will work.

Rollfast 07-27-09 11:01 AM

I didn't think the blanket was very well-positioned and would worry about snagging but that's easily solved with a fabric bag insert. You can make that.

dragsterIII 07-27-09 12:04 PM

never seen this setup before, hope you get the bars

Joyfulmama 07-27-09 12:52 PM

Thanks for the head's up. I was having a heck of a time figuring out where to get the right thing. I have two little kids and I absolute hate pulling the trailer. I think because I am short and have a tiny bike, the trailer just jerks it all over the place. Plus, now one of them is about to the stage to move to a trail a bike. So I want to put the youngest up front. The front child seats available in the US just aren't designed well for short mamas, it is too easy to hit your knees! Japan has a lot of really good options, including what you see in that picture

Artkansas 08-08-09 04:42 PM


Originally Posted by Joyfulmama (Post 9355601)
I have a friend in china that may be able to get the kid seat, but then I need the right kind of handlebars.

See if your friend can get the handlebars as well. As you can see by the sides of the baby carrier, they were meant to accept a bar that goes straight up. Typical ape-hanger handlebars found here, are more V shaped.

ianjk 08-12-09 06:51 PM

Why not just get the bars from china too?

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