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FOBx530 12-08-09 05:55 PM

tire paint
i'm not sure which section to post it in, but this section seems correct. move this thread or point me in the right direction if i am wrong.

I am looking for paint that I can apply onto tires. WHy?

My girl is small thus she uses 650c wheels thus requiring 650c tires. She looking for lime green.

Can anybody point me to what kind of companies makes lime green 650c tires? or better yet, what kind of paint should I use to paint her tires?

Thanks all.

Sledbikes 12-08-09 07:38 PM

i use these guys
this is a Royal Vogue the yellow i custom mixed and applied with a special pinstriping tool. the paint was about 15$ you get 2 cans a base and color.
theyre great to deal with. i suggest that if youre going to paint the tire to wipe the everliving hell out of it with acetone to make sure it bonds

FOBx530 12-08-09 07:50 PM

thanks a buch man. ill look into these

anymore suggestions?

ohh 10-07-13 07:48 PM

I tried Ranger tire paint on my tires. A vintage Schwinn with yellow-wall tires looks beautiful... or at least mine did, for all of twenty minutes of riding(!), until the paint started flaking off. This was following Ranger's advice about prep and application.

I didn't try "wiping the everliving hell" out of the tires with acetone first, mainly because (according to Ranger's FAQ) I didn't think I _had_ to.

Has anyone else out there had better luck with tire paint, whether Ranger's or someone else's? If so, if you got durable results, and by "durable" I mean "stayed on for at least a year, and I rode the bike too", what did you do? I'm all curious.

-Edit: I've been exchanging e-mails with the people at Ranger, and they're trying to figure out why the paint adherence failed. So FWIW, they are standing behind their product. :) Hopefully I'll have another update in a few weeks.

BGBeck 07-28-14 09:22 PM

No pictures!

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