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globalrider 02-02-10 07:58 PM

Art/custom bike materials alt materials survey
DIY alt bike home builder/artists are a resourceful breed. Almost uniformly, our efforts are based on taking an existing bike frame or two and bodging it/them together with parts from other bikes and creating something new. I've seen a lots of exciting projects made from trash day recovered kid's bikes. But I want to know what are the best non-bike parts you have been repurposed for your ride? We will have two categories:
Best non-bike item you bought for use on your ride
Best non-bike bit trash picked or repurposed from within your home or workshop.
Please share your eureka items and comment on posted bits.

Philphine 02-03-10 09:49 PM

not quite sure if this is what you mean. the lower piece of tubing is a gutted conveyor roller from the conveyor system at work that runs the lenth of the plant. they change them all the time so i get all i can. nearly all the bikes i've played with recently have some of this tubing as part of the build.

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