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sneaky 666 03-18-10 07:46 PM

how much does my bike cost
i got a hrxc specialized hardrock sport with all original parts i was wonderin if anyone new what they go for in cost i just wanna make sure i didnt get ripped off cause i traded my haro x4 for it so if anyone know what they cost could ya let me know

lz4005 03-18-10 08:41 PM

Artkansas 03-25-10 07:01 AM

This being alt bike culture, it's only fair that you tell us how you plan to alter your new specialized. A rat bike would be cool, but chopping it would be very unique. :thumb:

By the way, you got a good deal. You got the bike you want and they got the bike they want. That's the way barter works. :p

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