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kwekwe 04-12-10 09:33 PM

Quick Video Tour

See the Beast I rode at the end for a wee second or 3, Music was created using Apple's Garageband software. Looks like I'm speeding along courtesy of Camera recording at 15 Frames a Second not 30 , so played back and music added at 30 FPS it looks Hyper. Mounted the Camera to the Top of my Apehangers with a drilled out light clamp, shoved a 1/4-20 bolt thru, nylock nut to hold that tight to the handlebars then another nut to lock against the bottom of the old digital camera. Works pretty good but guess I'm gonna need to update camera's if I am gonna do this with any regularity. maybe a Low end High Def Digital, don't wanna spend much in case it get smashed eh :-)


Los Cruceros

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