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Sledbikes 09-21-10 06:01 PM

what happens when you cant sell a bike and boredom ensues
a challenge. i bought the bike 3 months ago i had no complaints other than terrible brakes. it didnt stop me from enjoying the bike. but since im a lowrider at heart i decided to chop it and make it as low as i could get it. i named the bike the Led Zledppelin
apehangers could still be a plan but im not counting on it
had some structural issues with the conduit so i ran some supports
this is where its at after 8 days im getting a springer fork and a different seat once the weather breaks im going to cut the brake bosses off to run the chain
its true ride height
what kickstand?
next to my GFs bike(potential victim #2)

Motopecane 09-21-10 08:24 PM

wow this is amazing how does it feel sitting on it? Hunched over?

Sledbikes 09-21-10 10:34 PM

so far very comfortable, no hunching

Motopecane 09-22-10 08:36 AM

Cool I love that this bike started as a really small BMX and now it's HUGE! That is going to be a monstrously long chain though!

gavtatu 09-22-10 01:55 PM

sweet !
please post more progress pics !

Rollfast 09-22-10 08:48 PM

If I ever truly get bored I'm thinking of building a bike from Faugosa bread and Polish sausage.

If I can't unload it at least it will clog my arteries GOOD...YUM

Sledbikes 09-23-10 01:04 AM

got to ride it tonight i have to get a derailler on it for the chain and extend the handlebars its comfortable but very low

Sledbikes 09-23-10 07:12 PM

bike is done aside from a few hard turns and some sidewalks its really smooth and comfortable

KOTA 09-24-10 05:28 PM

Do your HEELS hit the pavement when pedaling?

Sledbikes 09-25-10 12:53 AM


Originally Posted by KOTA (Post 11519802)
Do your HEELS hit the pavement when pedaling?

no but they make great brakes

Sledbikes 10-04-10 02:31 PM

got the .40 cal boxes mounted

mustachiod 10-04-10 02:34 PM

need pic with rider attached

himespau 10-04-10 03:17 PM

.40 cal boxes? You mounting a machine gun on there next?

Sledbikes 10-04-10 04:16 PM


Originally Posted by himespau (Post 11569032)
.40 cal boxes? You mounting a machine gun on there next?

nah i needed the storage and gun boxes look better than nerdy bike bags

Originally Posted by mustachiod (Post 11568780)
need pic with rider attached

mustachiod 10-05-10 08:28 AM


Sledbikes 10-05-10 12:37 PM

i can say its officially done a little under 40" wheel to wheel. ill add the stencil lettering sometime in the future

Agent 10-07-10 06:50 PM

Sick ride man :)
Looks uncomfortable? But I guess as shown in that picture of someone(you?) riding it, it must be okay.

carlspeed 10-18-10 07:57 AM

The lowered bikes aren't something I'm really interested in, but I did want to drop in and say that it's incredible to see what you started with and what it ended up as. You obviously are creative, and that deserves credit. Nice work!

BigPolishJimmy 10-18-10 01:36 PM


FreddyPaul 10-20-10 11:49 AM

That is really cool. Is it any harder to navigate? It is so long.
Nice work!

Sledbikes 10-20-10 08:25 PM

thanks guys, the bike navigates fine i ride when i can

Sledbikes 10-20-10 08:29 PM

i since added a radio

johannrissik 10-22-10 11:02 AM

Hey, fun build.
I like your ammo boxes and the colour.
Nice simple, clean lines, neat work.

ahson 10-26-10 10:41 PM

Whoa this is just great, and very creative.

Sammyboy 11-01-10 06:31 AM

I love it, a LOT

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