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fenish 09-23-10 01:31 AM

stretching exercises
Relief can come in a pill, certain types of stretching exercises, surgery and just the passage of time. According to two studies recently reported in The New England Journal of Medicine, non-surgical therapies including stretching and exercise can have almost as great an effect as surgery in relieving back pain over the long haul.
stretching exercises

abdon 09-23-10 03:00 AM

I can't quote the source but there was a study on the pain tolerance of folks with cronic pains, mostly back pains. The researchers pricked the skin of subjects and asked them to rate the level of pain. The finding was interesting; most of the people with cronic pain had a very low threshold for pain.

Motopecane 09-24-10 09:11 AM

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Motopecane 09-24-10 09:12 AM

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