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cruisehard 10-03-10 09:56 PM

Tire size and compatibility...
Forgive my lack of knowledge but...I have acquired an Electra Cruiser 1 and the stock knobby tires don't roll worth crap. I am wanting to install a set of 26 x 1.95 tires. Will a smaller tire(smaller than the 2.15) fit on the stock rims? What about a larger width tire?
Thanks in advance.\
I just realized that this should be posted in "bicycle mechanics" oops.

frameteam2003 10-04-10 04:24 AM

cruisehard 10-04-10 11:46 AM

Ok, so from what I've gathered these tires I'm looking at (Kenda Kross Plus xc) should fit my rim. Only 20.00 for a pair too.

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