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chainstrainer 02-18-11 03:57 PM

Costume bikes?
Just wondering if any out there drape their bikes in disguise for Halloween.

I know. That's a trike, not a bike. Still, come on, is that different or what?

Floyd 02-19-11 09:45 AM

Did not do halloween YET ... that took a little work... I did do my homemade long wheel base made back in the 70's for a fourth of July several years ago. bike red with white and blue streemers.

countersTrike 02-22-11 06:37 PM

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Originally Posted by Floyd (Post 12249311)
Did not do halloween YET ...

No costume for Halloween; but orange and black might do.....

GaryFick|e 02-28-11 02:16 PM

Cool looking!

michael k 02-28-11 04:12 PM

I dressed this up for halloween.

The GOOD witch of the west did not find it amusing.:innocent:

...and Im no longer allowed near the broom

...or Cat. :D:D:D

GaryFick|e 02-28-11 04:15 PM

I love that bike!

orange leader 03-30-11 08:38 PM

I do this:

I've improved his knee operation in the last few years, but Herman has ridden over a 100 miles since I first put him on the bike (about 8 years ago?). He's getting some new knee joints and maybe hip joints this year...oh and an ankle joint too. Medical grade teaching skeletons were not made for this kind of activity.

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