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@andrewsmithart 03-25-11 07:55 PM

Fine Art Rides a Bike?

Nuts & Bolts, railroad lanterns, an old bicycle, along with hundreds of other items, all welded together to form and amalgam of amazingly realistic movement as this piece of figurative art comes to life. Artist, Andrew Smith has created a truly unique piece of kinetic mechanical art in this sculpture titled "Long Road Home", commissioned by “Ripley’s Believe it or not“Museums, installed in Gatlinberg, TN.

@andrewsmithart 03-25-11 08:01 PM

That piece was base based of of the first piece

hairnet 03-25-11 08:49 PM

Well, that blows my bike art out the window

countersTrike 03-25-11 09:23 PM

Outstanding! Thanks for sharing!

Artkansas 03-25-11 11:22 PM

Now all it needs is a tape loop and loudspeaker that repeats the words, "Sidewalk!"

Shaneferd 04-03-11 09:19 AM

That is some neat stuff you're putting together. Love that kinetic bicycle artistry!

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