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Paragon82 10-03-12 01:40 AM

Backrest and trunk
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Been shopping around for a while and ended up going a different direction than when I started the hunt for a new bike. First I was looking for a bike like the Cola Jinac, but then I found the Day 6 Journey, which had all of the functionality features I wanted and then some (though it does fall short on style to my eye). I will never have a Cola Jinac unless I learn to weld one together from scratch, their maker is Czech, small scale, and retired, so I will make myself happy with the Day 6. The main style compromise I am disappointed with is the angle of the fork is not as exaggerated as I would like, and I will not be able to trade out the fork for a triple tree because it would change the geometry of the bike.

Now I am thinking of adding a backrest to my Electra Townie, because it is really nice and gives you extra leverage on the forward crank design for up hill. I am considering this one made for bikes
and this one made for motorcycles.

do you think the motorcycle one will be able to be mounted on the back rack? Amazon does not have good pictures of the underside, but they do have a shot of the universal (motorcycle) mounting hardware and it looks promising.

Would it be too absurd to have that big trunk behind me, and does anyone think it could adversely effect the ride? Amazon list "OUTER DIMENSION: 22"L x 15 1/2"W x 11 H" but I figure 22" is really the width, not the length. that would make it about an inch wider than when both my collapsible baskets are pulled out.

Flying Merkel 10-03-12 08:42 AM

I had a bigass trunk on the back of my Suzuki GS1000. It was ugly. Everybody laughed. Until it was time to carry something. They flailed with bungees and prayed for dry weather, I tossed in my cargo and rode off without a worry. I have a tailpack on my touring bike that I never take off.

Try mocking one up out of cardboard to get the balance between aesthetics & practicality. Post the results. Bike luggage design is an art that no one has ever perfected.

Philphine 10-03-12 11:42 PM

maybe a smaller one off a scooter

truthfully this is a never ending project so i can't say how well it works from experience, but the size is good
proportionally to a bicycle. around here you can come across them for $15-20, even new.

Notso_fastLane 10-08-12 11:55 AM

There are a lot of existing bike bags designed for recumbents that might work with your setup. My winter biking bag is going to be an Angletech Aerotrunk III. Bright orange.... ;)

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