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ilikebikes 11-19-12 02:26 PM

Altered 1969 Sears Spyder or "Purple People Eater!"
It was a 1969 Sear Spyder 5 speed (had 24 x 1-3/8 tires front and rear) now its an artificial "Grape Krate!" :lol:

worthlees 12-02-12 03:13 PM

Very nice. True Grape Ape hangers!!

Flying Merkel 12-03-12 11:00 AM

We're liking it! Keep those muscle bikes coming. That's my era.

ka0use 12-26-12 01:25 PM

made me smile. my sister had a sears girls' spyder bike. pink, tassles, flowery basket, ss, stolen.
my bikes were passe` by the time i got them. schwinn ss when the 3 speed english racers (sears) came out, sears er when spyders hove into sight, sears free spirit 10 speed when mtbs came out...

rogertc1 01-13-13 03:44 AM

Even has dual reat brakes!!!

Dave Armstrong 01-14-13 06:08 PM

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I always thought about putting a springer on mine.

Glennfordx4 02-11-13 08:42 AM

I just love that Spyder, I hang out in C&V most of the time but there isn't much love for the muscle bikes over there & I always forget there is much more to BF then C&V. I have always wanted a muscle bike since I was a kid in the early 70's & for what ever reason never had one until my early tweens (11 to 13 ) when BMX was getting hot around here, so every Stingray I got was made into a MX bike rather then a muscle bike. I had a lot of cool bikes growing up as I was really into fixing bikes that were being thrown away or junked, like the Yamaha Moto bikes and the CCM clones, the Swing Bikes ( I would still have one if it didn't get stolen) and a few factory made choppers that I never knew the names of.

About 10yrs ago I rescued a copper colored 1969 Columbia Playbike from a friends son who found it in the trash & was about to destroy it. Since that bike I have been able to pick up a few more, all in need of someone to bring them back from the brink of death with the exception of one, a purple 70's 20" Sears Spyder. I found the Spyder at a yard sale and was able to talk the original owner down to $55 for it, The picture below is as found, the bike lived in the house & never saw a drop of rain water on it, it was cleaned and maintained even when not being used ( his wife said I should see her 60's Schwinn if I thought the Spyder was clean ). I have posted some pictures below of a few of the bikes I still have and have plans for, I have been slowly gathering parts to build up a 1969 Murray Eliminator I picked up & to redo my Columbia rat rod chopper. Also pictured is a plum Schwinn Fairlady that I built for a friends 8yr old little girl for her birthday ( her B-Day Was in July, it was done but he just picked it up last week lol). I hope to hang around here more often as you guys have some cool stuff going on.

Spyder as found,

My Rat Rod Columbia Play Bike as it sits right now, total makeover coming,

1971 Schwinn Fair Lady as found,

Fair Lady as finished,

1969 Murray Eliminator as found & waiting to be reborn,

Philphine 02-11-13 05:17 PM

the muscle bike era was my time too, but i couldn't afford them when i was a kid. i picked up a few later during my first time of (non serious) bike collecting. around the late 70's-early 80's everyone had switched ten speed racers or bmx bikes, so the old muscle bikes could be brought for pretty cheap. i had that spyder also, only in blue. my best ones were stolen though, and i didn't do much fooling with bikes again 'til about 5-6 years ago.

here's the closest i have to the spyder now

even has this kind of odd drum brake that takes two cables, so it mimicks the two rear brakes my old spyder had. found a similar shifter also (not the one in the pic).

it's been sitting like this for a while 'cause i'm more into stretch cruisers now, but it's one of about 4 bikes that i play with as having the feel of the old muscle bikes i had.

howeeee 02-11-13 09:18 PM

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bike is too kewl,,

I actually got this purple thing,,for 10 bucks
I think it is a 66 Rail

Jax Rhapsody 02-12-13 07:05 PM

Whats the point of the dual rear brakes?

curbtender 02-12-13 07:17 PM


Originally Posted by Jax Rhapsody (Post 15267054)
Whats the point of the dual rear brakes?

Double pull brakes...

Philphine 02-12-13 11:50 PM


Originally Posted by Jax Rhapsody (Post 15267054)
Whats the point of the dual rear brakes?

lockin' em up, skidding the rear tire and general tom foolery.

ilikebikes 04-01-13 01:55 PM


Originally Posted by howeeee (Post 15263427)
bike is too kewl,,

I actually got this purple thing,,for 10 bucks
I think it is a 66 Rail

I want it!! :love:

dt400rider 05-20-13 06:07 PM

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Here one I found. Speed with drum gears with a hand grip shfiter on the handlebars..

stcapp 05-20-13 08:39 PM

very nice im loving the style!! wouldnt mind getting my hands on one of those bad boyss

ilikebikes 05-24-13 09:19 AM

Thanks gentlemen. After riding it around for a bit I posted it for sale on the usual sites and quickly/shortly after doing so I decided not to sell it. I still have it and plan on riding it a lot more when the weather turns to at least something that resembles nice riding weather. :)

ilikebikes 05-24-13 09:21 AM


Originally Posted by howeeee (Post 15263427)
bike is too kewl,,

I actually got this purple thing,,for 10 bucks
I think it is a 66 Rail

Yeah I wouldn't convert that sexy beast. Find a more "lowly" subject. :)

Philphine 11-02-13 04:11 AM

been seeing this at an indoor fleamarket for a couple months. came into a little extra cash so i went ahead and got it. not as nice as the one i had way back, but enough original parts to make something nice to pull out when i fel like it.

Cubey 04-15-14 10:52 PM

I'll take one of those in orange or blue. :)

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